1 - 4 Ways to make better decisions

4 Ways to make better decisions

Decisions are a part of our daily routine. They scale from little ones, e.g. what clothes to wear in the morning, to big ones, like e.g. should I quit my job? When it comes to big and consequential decisions, you have to be really careful, because they may change your life forever.

Once more when it comes to big decisions, you always have to make up your mind and come with an answer or solution, if it has to do with a problem. You can’t let things go with the flow, you are the master of your own life. Don’t be afraid to make a bad decision. Even if failure knocks the door and things don’t go the way you expected, you will always have gained the experience and lessons learned from that situation. 

People tend to complicate themselves when they have to make a hard decision. Try to keep things as simple as possible in your head to reach your expectations faster. Below you will find ways that will help you with the decision–making process. If you follow them, you won’t have to worry again.

Choose the old-fashioned way

A notebook needs to accompany you in the decision–making process. If you write things down, you will have all the available options and alternatives in front of your eyes. When you have things in your head and have to make a decision, things can be really complex and you won’t be able to reach a result. So, always choose a paper when you want to clarify the outcome of a situation. Also, don’t forget to be focused during the whole process.

Research has shown that our mentality, stimulation, and words used are interrelated. When one of these changes, the others are affected too. Focus on your body’s reaction when you are thinking of the negatives aspects and when you’re thinking of the benefits of a decision. Your results will somehow help you find out the levels of anxiety and fear that come up with this decision.

Moreover, the vocabulary you use help you determine your feelings. If you have a positive attitude, the corresponding vocabulary will follow. But if the exact difference happens, negative vocabulary will take place. If you can detect your feelings, you will be able to confine them and will not let them afflict your decision–making.

Emotions are the key

Since you have determined that this is not an optional decision and you have to take action, be honest with yourself. Decide on what your goals are and the reason why you want to follow this path. Emotions control the purpose of why we are doing everything in our lives and here is the key. If you can’t find your purpose for a decision, you will abandon it. 

If you strongly believe that this decision is worthy, this will give you confidence that you made the right choice, even if the result does not come as it was expected. The tricky business here is that some people choose the easy way or they do nothing because they think that their decision wasn’t the appropriate one. When you are aware of your purpose, don’t let this happen and believe in yourself till the end.

2 - 4 Ways to make better decisions

Exclude fear from the process

In many aspects of our lives, fear controls our actions. This also happens with our decisions. When you are called to make an impactful decision, most of the time you don’t follow your will, because fear keeps you back. This way you postpone decisions and you end up never making them. 

If you keep doing that, you will never get an answer and you will have to live with the doubt for how your life would be in case you had taken that step. Try to always keep in mind that if it was easy, everyone could do it and would lose its magic. Have faith in yourself.


When you are thinking of the alternatives that a decision could offer you, you often face a lot of different paths. But how will you choose the one that is right for you? You have to prioritize. You have to think of the options offered and decide which is the best and most suitable for you. That way things will get much simpler and this will be a plan to use from now on for all your decisions.

Focus, don’t be afraid, follow your purpose and you will see that wonderful things will happen and even if they don’t, you will still know that you tried.