6 Ways Consumer Identity Management Drives Marketing Success

In order for brands to achieve the one-to-one moment marketing that today’s consumers demand — i.e., giving them what they want, when they want it, where they want it — they must first possess complete, current and accurate customer identity data. 

Consumer Identity Management is the foundation upon which all qualification and personalization efforts are made possible and enable businesses to identify consumers and customers across devices, platforms and mobile apps; build rich profiles featuring demographic, transactional and psychographic data. They also provide more personal inbound and outbound experiences across channels and campaigns, and drive lead qualification and risk verification initiatives.

In this valuable resource, we dive into the six benefits of a implementing a consumer identity management solution, as well as how retailers are leveraging solutions in three key areas:

  • Marketing and customer acquisition
  • Engagement and customer retention
  • Risk fraud detection and mitigation

Read on to discover how consumer identity management can drive your marketing success!

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