Account Based Marketing

Our multifaceted approach on account based marketing engages targeted decision makers who are actively seeking solutions offered
by each client. This way an account based marketing agency can offer its clients the ability to market to top qualified leads in order to increase conversion rates and maximize ROI.

Our account based marketing services drive leads, engagement, and sales effectively and efficiently.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account Based Marketing is essential for businesses that are interested in growing and expanding their clientele in a more efficient way. It also assists companies with keeping the sales and marketing department aligned while it makes communication easier. Additionally it helps maximise your business’s relevance among high value accounts giving you the opportunity to identify what matters more. Finally the fact that you can deliver consistent personalised experiences to your customers should be a nobrainer for any ambitious business owner.


How Can We Assist You?

With the Paperpicks Account Based Marketing service you have the ability to create better and stronger relationships with your clients. The result of creating powerful bonds with your clients increases sales both effectively and efficiently converting them into loyal customers. The way our account based marketing services work is simple. Our initial objective is to generate leads and fill our database with prospect clients. Then we continue by engaging this audience with high quality content campaigns both in relevance and interest. Once we have the results we evaluate the data and adjust our campaigns in order to maximize efficiency. This procedure works as a filter leaving only the high value accounts in our database. Once the filtering is over we create personalised experiences that positively affect decision makers with the ultimate goal of converting them in to sales.

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