Adopting a Leader Mindset

Adopting a Leader Mindset


People have been following leaders since the beginning of time, and the question that is usually asked is why? Why do people tend to follow some other people, and what is special about these other people? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to these questions but it seems to me that only a few ask how to become a leader, and if we take into perspective that the many always follow the few maybe you can answer these questions on our own.

You are probably reading this article because you were either born a Leader or trying to become one, there is no middle ground here either you believe or not. So even if you were born with the natural charisma of leadership or you are trying to enhance it and become better at it the truth is it all has to do with the effort you are willing to put in and your mindset. The easy way will always be to complain, to find excuses, to procrastinate and a whole other bunch of things. The hard way is to work hard on your mindset and on your habits, and to take responsibilities that you will be held accountable for.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

It sounds like a cliche and that is probably because it is one, but it actually works. Leadership starts from within and once you have a clear image of the path you want to follow then you can attract others to stand by your side and follow you. I once heard someone say “hang around with the chickens and the wolves will eat you soon enough, but hang around with the wolves and you will soon learn how to howl” and I believe that describes this situation in the best possible way.

Show The Way

When you want something to change within your team or your company you can’t expect it to change simply by asking for it. You have to be the first one to do it and you have to be the one that shows the way because you are on the top and everyone will follow your example. Therefore become the change you want to see and the results will follow.

22 - Adopting a Leader Mindset

Listen to Understand, Not to Judge

Although leadership sometimes is nominated, the respect of a leader is always earned and it always comes with responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is the burden of being there for everyone while no one is there for you. In most cases either it is a company, a football team or a group of people the one in charge is always seen by the rest subconsciously as the one they can talk to and the one they can seek advice from and that is what makes leadership beautiful. So make sure when people come to you with a problem you listen to them and try to help them instead of judging them.

Create Culture

Good leaders create strategies while great leaders create culture. We have previously talked about the differences between strategy and culture and we came to the conclusion that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Part of a great leader’s mindset should be the creation of culture. Great leaders have a clear understanding of the values they want to pass on to the rest of their team and they find ways to do it. Being able to pass on the same culture from one individual to another creates similarity within an organisation and helps your team work closer together towards the same goals.

Adopting a Leader Mindset is not an easy procedure, you have to be ready to accept change and willing to sacrifice previous habits and routines. Not everyone is born a leader but everyone can become one, and although it is easier for some people and harder for others hard work always pays off so start working right now.