3 - Always Pick Long Term Over Short Term

Always Pick Long Term Over Short Term


We live in an era of excessive speed, and that speed is growing daily. This means that things are already moving fast and will continue to move faster every single day. Everything we need and everything we want is literally some clicks or taps away. Doesn’t that sound pretty amazing? Of course it does! Although it is amazing though, does this also mean that its good? Now that’s a good question and it should trouble us. Just imagine what could happen if you crashed to a wall with high speed, disaster.

New technologies are here to assist people and make their life easier, but is there a downside to them? Like in everything in life you have to sacrifice one thing in order to produce another therefore the answer is that there is. The last few generations have never experienced an offline world, they don’t even know what living without an internet connection means. This access people have nowadays to all kinds of knowledge and all types of data is amazing, but of course comes with a price.

Unfortunately people are becoming lazy, and expect everything to be served to them as fast as their phone screen loads. As much as we enjoy high speed technologies, and as much as we benefit from their convenience, life doesn’t work like that. Life is like a game of Jenga. The more careful you are when you build your tower, the more steady it is going to be. At the moment people don’t understand that, and they seek fast results in anything they do while they shouldn’t .So why is it so important we understand the importance of planning ahead and taking calculated risks? Why should we focus on the benefits a long term strategy has to offer us? And why should we always pick long term over short term if we can? Let’s see!

Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day

One of the most famous sayings throughout human history is that of “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Anything you want to do in your life whether that is starting a business or starting a family takes more than a day. Moreover everything you want to achieve in life takes time and effort. So there are two options here. One, you can build your city in a day but it will never be anything close to Rome. Two, you spend your time and effort in something with bigger return in the long term but within your aspirations. So which option would you prefer?

2 5 - Always Pick Long Term Over Short Term

Whatever is Build Fast, Goes Down Fast

The saying about Rome we mentioned earlier has a double meaning. The second meaning is about the endurance Rome had as a city when invaders would try to conquer it and failed. The fact that Rome wasn’t built in a day witnesses that is the reason why it was so strong. The same rule applies in life and work. Be patient and think in the long term when you are about to build something. The more time and effort you put in it the stronger it will be and the more safety nets you will create. Imagine you are building a three story house. The better you build every story the lower the risk if something happens to the top story because the second story is solid. Take your time and put the work that is truly needed in every situation, to make sure your work is safe.

Look Ahead & Envision

The idea of always picking long term over short term has mainly to do about looking ahead. When you set your mind to achieve fast, small short term goals you lose your ability to think about the future. If your objective is to create something with purpose and great gains overtime, then you have to focus on the long term. See your vision, and keep your eyes and ears open. Try to stay ahead of everyone else and train yourself to recognize the opportunities faster. A lot like chess we must stay many steps ahead if we want to win.

Finally there is one thing that we should make clear in order to once again prove why long term in always better. Prosperity either that is financial prosperity or life prosperity equals consistency and that is why you have to stay dedicated to your long term goal. Focus on your ultimate plan and try to stick to it without getting distracted, an only then will you truly find what you are looking for.