Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment

Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment

The tumor microenvironment (TME) is comprised of an array of cell types, including immune and inflammatory cells, adipose cells, neuroendocrine cells, and cancer-associated fibroblasts. Additionally, blood and lymphatic vascular networks and extracellular matrix components create a diverse and multifaceted situation. Understanding how all of these elements interact requires the ability to distinguish individual cell types–something that is difficult to do using bulk cell approaches. Single cell gene expression analyses offer a high-resolution understanding of the TME.

Download this application note from 10x Genomics to learn how the Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution enables you to:

  • Obtain gene expression profiles and paired, full length, immune receptor sequences from the same cells 
  • Characterize and differentiate all major tumor and non-tumor cells
  • Identify clonal immune cell populations to understand the adaptive immune response

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