Climate Change Considerations in M&A Transactions

As climate change continues to become a larger issue that touches on each area of business, you need to be aware of the risks related to climate change that may arise in the transactional context.

Climate change is arguably the most high-profile and rapidly evolving environmental issue facing the global business community today. Companies involved in certain mergers and acquisitions should know the risks related to climate change that may come up. While not every deal will involve climate change, the potential impact on any business needs to be understood along with the ability to anticipate developments in this rapidly evolving area of law and policy. However, there is no set formula for assessing climate, and due diligence will need to be tailored for each individual situation.

Download this white paper for insights into the areas where climate change risks generally fall, and why climate change due diligence is no longer limited to deals involving power plants and heavy industry.  This includes:

  • Physical risks, which can be the most difficult to assess
  • Considerations about shareholder activism
  • How to stay compliant in a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape
  • Potential litigation risks

While assessing climate change risks in an M&A transaction can be tricky, it is becoming increasingly necessary. Start learning today how you can protect your business moving forward.

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