2 1 - Commitment is what Makes Companies Grow

Commitment is what Makes Companies Grow

Commitment is what Makes Companies Grow


There are many reasons why someone should start a business. Pursuing a dream, following your passion, wanting to make more money or even setting your own hours are some of them. Starting a business is not easy, it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of devotion. If we were to be asked what is the secret ingredient to successful companies we would easily pick commitment. Every single company that has been successful at one point or another over the years was built on commitment. These companies were built on the devotion of their employees to a certain purpose. Without this little key element called commitment there would be no growth and no development. In simple words it would be impossible.

What is Commitment?

Commitment is what gives you purpose. It is what drives you forward everyday and what makes you want to wake up and do things. In other words it is what makes you want to be alive, and what makes you feel alive. The interesting thing about commitment though is that it is never-ending. There is no end to what you are committed to because there is always room for improvement. Even if you achieve your initial goal, commitment will make you want to achieve the next goals as well. Commitment is a sacred bond between you and the goals you set in life, either those are personal or career focused. No matter what type the goal is, the truth is that commitment affects all areas of your life both positively and negatively. When it comes to business though commitment only impacts your business positively and by helping it grow.

The Difference Between Goals & Commitment

Usually what we call goals either in life or in business are the results we aim to achieve in short or long term. A goal is something that you can define, you can plan for and finally you can accomplish in a specific time period. On the other hand commitment is not something you can finish doing, nor can you simply achieve in short or long term. Commitment goes way beyond the most long term goal you have ever set in your life and you always work towards it. You can never achieve it but there is a fire burning inside you that leads you towards it.

Commitment Helps Business Grow

The reason why commitment is so important when it comes to business is because it helps you focus. Running a business can be very stressful and when operating in such circumstances you can easily get disoriented. Lack of focus can be proven extremely harmful for your business and you should be careful about it. Intense focus is always more preferable than being focused for a short period when it comes to achieving long term goals. Moreover it helps you define your top priorities while eliminating the rest of them. This is how commitment helps business grow, it simply clears the way from all unnecessary distractions and helps you focus on results.

1 2 - Commitment is what Makes Companies Grow

Commitment Gives Business a Higher Purpose

As we previously said, the amazing thing about commitment is that it creates puprose. The same way commitment can create purpose for you personally it can also create for your business. Giving a purpose to your business passes on a message to your employees as well. It gives them reason to be focused and stay devoted because there is a plan and a goal to achieve. This results to great results if you consider that most businesses with higher purpose perform better than all the others.

Defining a Commitment

In order to define a commitment either it is personal or work related, there are a few questions you must first answer. At first in order to define your commitment you must understand who you are and what you want to achieve. So try answering to the question “what do I want?” as honestly as you can. Then once you have a clear understanding of what you want try writing down why this matters to you. When you know what you want to achieve but also understand why you want to achieve it you are on the right path. Finally answer the question “who benefits from this?”. When you know the what and the why it is time to know the who. That who in many cases should be you, but not always. There are numerous examples of people who do things that help others benefit because that fulfils them.

The harder and the faster you focus on your business the more results you will get back. Don’t waste all your time on trying to find your ideal commitment because it is not a self-discovery journey. Instead define your commitment quickly and rethink it and reshape it  along the way as you move forward.

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