55 - Conquer the Day with these easy steps

Conquer the Day with these easy steps

Conquer the Day with these easy steps

Make sure you’re starting off the day the best way for you because the morning sets the tone for the whole day.

Owning your own morning routine enables you to manage your day in a way that is actually planned and unique to you, as opposed to reacting to anything or anybody else. Your day is now, so make the most of it!

Begin your morning the previous day

You can write down a to-do list for the next day as you wrap up each workday. This list can have your daily plan, your top priorities, and tasks that must be completed that day—and only that day.

Take your “vitamins” every day

If you enjoy making lists, you could also have one of your daily “vitamins” on hand. No, it’s not a fish oil supplement, vitamin C, or a multivitamin.

Exercise, movement, meditation, three liters of water consumed throughout the day, 20 minutes of nonfiction reading are some of your “daily vitamins.”

Here, the morning is crucial. Try to complete at least one or two of your daily “vitamins” first thing in the morning, whatever they may be for you.

Do the most difficult tasks first

Your goal is to complete the assignment or one item that demands the most thought time first after assessing your top priorities for the day. Morning is the greatest time for you to fully concentrate and give my hardest, most crucial assignment of the day my full attention.

54 - Conquer the Day with these easy steps

Start the day without checking your email or phone

You own the day. Before digging into emails, messages, and calls that draw you in so many different directions and, more significantly, drive you away from your primary focus(es) of the day, start your day with intention and concentrate on your greatest priorities.

First thing in the morning, have some water and fruits

Despite the fact that you probably enjoy coffee, always begin your day with a full liter of water before eat or drink anything else. After a night of sleep, our bodies need to hydrate again.

Keep in mind that not every morning unfolds as expected, as with anything. Life occurs — lousy sleep, job crises, family, kids, etc. — so this regimen isn’t ideal.

Most of the time, it’s excellent to have a morning routine, but also make sure to be gentle with yourself when things don’t go as expected and attempt to re-route for the day or for the next day.

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