pp 16march 02 cover - Creating a Workplace Employees Love

Creating a Workplace Employees Love


Work is a great part of our life, it always has been and it always will be. Studies show that we spend most of our day working and the numbers are continuously rising. Therefore once we come to the understanding that work in general and time at the workplace takes over a large percentage of our life we also come to the conclusion that it affects a great part of our lives and that is why it is time to start improving it and make adjustments to it in order to make it meet our needs.

Changing the workplace as we know it into a workplace that employees love is a hard and demanding procedure but also necessary. There are two main aspects that we have to keep in mind when we talk about a workplace and those are the physical and the mental. The physical consists of all the physical objects that form a workplace such as spacing, offices etc while the mental consists of all the elements that although do not have a  physical presence are still there and affect it more than anything. Since mental health is one of the hottest topics in business today in this article we will focus on the mental aspect of the workplace and how we can improve it in order to make employees love it.

Ask for Opinions & Ideas

People have the need to feel important. In order to make your employees feel important try asking for their opinions and their ideas on matters that have to do with the way your organisation operates. Even if you don’t end up implementing their suggestions it is most likely that this will make them feel useful and motivated, while if you do implement them this will boost their confidence even more making them go the extra mile.

Get in Their Position

Many business owners and entrepreneurs forget what it is like to be an employee. It has been such a long time since they where in that position that they don’t even remember what it feels like. The best thing an employer has to do in order to create a workplace that his employees love is to walk in their shoes for a while. By trying to understand how your team feels and how your team treats certain manners you will have a better and more clear understanding on what to improve.

A Small Win, is still a Win

The problem with many companies is that the only thing they focus on is growth and bigger numbers. The truth is that results pay the bills but this leads to pushing employees to their limits forcing them to either burnout or quit. If we approach this matter with a different scope we can see that instead of setting high unrealistic goals in the long term you can set small realistic goals in the short term. By setting small achievable goals you can make your employees feel successful while meeting them and motivate them further.

pp 16march 02 02 - Creating a Workplace Employees Love

Make it Personalised

Keep in mind that when it comes to improving the mental aspect of your workplace you cannot expect to solve everything with the same answer. Your solutions have to be tailor made for every situation and not the typical, standard one size that might fit everyone. In simple words if you want to reward your employees you can’t offer all of them gift cards for a specific store because some of them have other needs so you have to flexible and adjust. Making it Personal can highly motivate your team and reshape the workplace dramatically.

Creating a workplace employees love means creating strong meaningful relationships with these employees that are based on mutual understanding and professionalism. The more we improve these relationships the more the employees feel satisfied and happy and the workplace changes becoming better.