Creating an Amazing Candidate Experience

Your Guide and 2018 Planning Checklist

Nearly 60% of candidates report having a poor candidate experience.

What’s more, 72% of those candidates said they shared their negative experience online or with someone directly, while another 60% reported spending at least an hour on research and resume prep prior to applying.

In other words, it’s more important than ever to create an amazing candidate experience and make sure job seekers have great things to say about your company (whether they’re hired or not). So to stay competitive in today’s talent landscape, companies of all sizes need to invest in improving their candidate experiences in 2018. Doing so isn’t always easy or obvious, but don’t worry. This eBook is your guide to candidate experience best practices.

Bonus: It includes a checklist you can use to evaluate your current candidate experience efforts—and take them to the next level in the new year.  

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