2 2 - Creating the Story Behind the Brand

Creating the Story Behind the Brand


Everyone has a story to tell, and by everyone we mean literally everyone, even brands. Although everyone has a story though not everyone knows how to tell it and not everyone wants to tell it. But one thing is for sure, if you are looking to take your brand to the next level you should start narrating. If you haven’t noticed by now storytelling is rising among brands and will continue to grow more over the years. Telling your story adds value to your brand and creates connections, but not everyone knows how to do it effectively. Knowing how to tell your story the right way and understanding the elements you must enhance can generate massive results. Results you wouldn’t even believe. So why is it so important for your brand to become a great story teller?

The truth is that story telling is a gift. Sometimes you are born with it and sometimes you can work really hard to improve it. We have all met people that can turn a boring story into a really interesting one without us even noticing. Those kind of people automatically strike us as more interesting and we are intrigued to hear more from them. That happens because as people we love listening to stories. Maybe it reminds us of the times our parents would read us bedtime stories or maybe it reminds us campfire stories. Either way we love listening to them and we subconsciously seek for someone to tell us some. That said imagine how much a brand could benefit of this, while the new trend is people listening to brand stories.

Creating a story behind your brand fills that gap, and solves the problem of feeding the peoples hunger of listening to stories. The whole purpose of telling your story is to create strong emotional connections with your audience and give them something to remember you by. Once you have established such strong and meaningful relationships you are on the right path. But here comes the hard part, how can you actually do that? Here are a few things that could be useful when creating the story behind the brand.

Empathy & Benefits

The main reason why people love listening to stories is because they can empathize with the ones telling them. When people listen to a story they automatically set themselves into the position of the main character. Although people enjoy what you have to say they also want to hear something that sounds familiar to them. Focus on the elements of the story where you can stress out to the ones listening how they could benefit. So keep that in mind when creating your story and also remember to enhance the parts where people can gain from you.

1 2 - Creating the Story Behind the Brand

Values & Beliefs

Another tip to remember when creating the story behind the brand is to always say the truth. That means that when you start working on your story you have to be honest. Feel free to talk about your values and your beliefs and make sure you promote them as much as you can. No matter who you are, no matter were you come from and no matter what you do you have to be proud. Being proud of your brand and your achievements is the first step to create a great interesting story. After all you want people to appreciate you for what you are and not for you are not.

Trigger Emotional Response

Last but not least you must remember that your main goal when creating a story is to trigger emotional response. That means that when you are telling your story you somehow want to affect your audience into feeling something. The best way to do that is by narrating actual events that took place and not fake scenarios. Actual and true everyday stories can trigger many emotions creating very strong bonds between brands and people. Make sure to take advantage of that and don’t be afraid to expose the reality of things because people will appreciate it.

Creating the right story can have a powerful impact on your brand. Influencing customers on how to perceive your brand and establishing a long lasting relationship with it are examples of it. After all brand loyalty is what all this is about and when storytelling is done right it is ensured. So take your time when creating the story behind your brand, because it might be the most important thing you do.