Data-Driven Lead Generation

Our multi-channel marketing campaigns are used in conjunction with our continually updated database of business influencers and decision makers. We nurture leads through a multistep process using both inbound and outbound marketing efforts providing data driven lead generation services that result to top quality marketing qualified leads.

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How Does it Work?

Our objective is to provide our clients with the highest possible quality of leads that are most likely to convert to sales. In order to achieve that we have based our lead generation procedure on data. Data driven lead generation is the key to our success. This type of lead generation assists companies make decisions purely based on data eliminating risks and minimizing expenses. The way this works is simple. At first we launch campaigns aiming to generate leads and collect data. Then we use the data we have collected and we evaluate it in order to gain better insights about every situation. Finally we adjust our next campaigns based on the evaluation that was previously made and repeat the procedure. Practically this filtering procedure ensures that over time the leads generated are of the highest possible quality. The more we take data into consideration the more likely we are to generate marketing qualified leads, and that is why at Paperpicks our every decision is based on data.

We believe in the power of data

For us here at Paperpicks generating and distributing high quality leads for and to our clients is part of our identity. We believe in the power of data and we also believe in the results that can be produced when data is handled in the right way. Therefore we are strong advocates of data driven solutions and we try to adopt that mentality when it comes to our services.

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