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Develop Yourself by Asking the Right Questions

Develop Yourself by Asking the Right Questions


Everything in our world and our reality is closely affiliated to development and evolution. Developing ourselves has been a major issue for humans since the start of time. After all what brings us here today as a civilization in the first place is evolution. Sometimes this happens because we somehow force it and some times it just happens because of an accident. Either way though there is always something that causes change and no change can be made without action.

Developing yourself works in the exact same way. Action is what triggers change, and that is the only way you can achieve the results you want to achieve. You might think that the only thing you have to do is start acting right now, but you should think again. What brings better results is a set of organized and well planned actions rather than just random moves. Following this approach means that you have a clear understanding of your purpose and you work towards it. The truth is that developing yourself is not easy and in order to achieve it you must first ask yourself the right questions.

What do I want to achieve?

The first question that comes in mind of course has to do with the main purpose of this change. It is very important you start with this question because once you can answer it you will have a clear understanding of your goal. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in the long term and write it down so you know your final goal. Don’t be afraid to think big but instead try to force yourself into it. This will help you set higher goals and that can only work well for you since it is a win win situation. Just remember when shooting for the moon, the worst thing that can happen is find yourself among the stars.

Why do I want to achieve it?

Now that you know your goal and you have a better understanding of it, it is time to answer another question. This question has to do with the soul of your goal and of course by soul we mean its purpose. It is very important you understand the purpose of your goals, in simple words understand why you are doing this. Knowing why and not forgetting about will guide you on the path to success and help motivate yourself into achieving it.

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What does it take in order to achieve it?

The difference between asking yourself the right questions first in order to develop than just doing things is crucial. If you really want to change and develop yourself then you should try figuring out a few things first. Once you know the what and the why it is time to find out the how. In order to achieve a goal you must have a clear plan to show you the way. Try breaking down all necessary steps you must follow and all obstacles you might face in order to achieve your goal. Understanding the procedure you have to go through and the challenges you might face is of great importance. Once you have done that you are almost ready to begin.

Where am I now?

Assessing your situation and being honest about where you are at that certain point is probably the most important part. Therefore the next question you must ask yourself in order to develop is where am I now? At the moment you know what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and how you can achieve it. So the only thing missing is understanding where you are now and the distance between you and your final goal. Be honest and don’t be ashamed of your current status because that is the only way you can actually get to results.

Am I willing to change in order to achieve it?

Last but not least, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to change. It is said that you cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. Taking that in consideration you must understand that you can’t expect to develop yourself without changing the things you do. Having the will to change will take you places and help you achieve your goals faster and easier than you can think of. So start asking the right questions first, get your answers straight, and then start acting.

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