2 - Digital Age Business Hacks

Digital Age Business Hacks

Digital Age Business Hacks

Everything around us is changing and technology is taking over our lives making them easier one thing at a time. Either we like it or not, either we accept it or not we are living in the digital age. It might sound a bit cliche but it is true and we should start embracing it. From the way we communicate with each other, to the way we conduct business everyday everything is turning digital.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this procedure and has brought many changes that would previously take a lot of time. Many companies in order to survive the damage they are taking from the multiple lockdowns and the government restrictions go digital. Digital transformations and services such as PaaS and SaaS are becoming necessary. What was once considered an option for business owners is now essential and they must adapt.

Although we have been living in the digital age for many years the current situation has forced many companies to enter it now. At Paperpicks we understand the frustration and the difficulties of taking new risks without previous experience and we are here to help. Therefore we have gathered the best digital age business hacks and we present them to you.

Fastest Cloud Technologies

Everything might be turning digital but the new trend in business is everything turning cloud. Cloud technologies are technologies that do not require the physical presence of machinery or equipment but only a station with internet. In other words cloud technologies give companies the ability to use the infrastructure and the computing power of other servers and computers. This is an essential digital age business hack and I works a lot like a leasing. Companies do not have to spent money on buying new equipment or upgrading the existing one but instead they can lease. They can lease for a specific time period the level of computing power they are in need of dropping expenses largely. This business hack operates in the philosophy of the sharing economy and has come to stay. In the next few years it is also very possible it will become the new standard. 

Awesome Marketing Tools

Marketing is an essential business operation but in most cases it is also an expensive business operation. For many start-ups and new entrepreneurs although marketing is necessary in order to promote their business it is also very expensive. To be fair though marketing is also very expensive for businesses that have been operating for years too. Therefore the next digital age business hack has to do with marketing. Either you own a large business or small one there is a hack that can boost your sales instantly. This hack is called online marketing tools. At the moment there are various marketing tools that you can use online in order to create, manage, optimise and your marketing strategies. Instead of hiring a marketing agency and having to handle a severe cost you can subscribe to an online marketing tool. This might not be the best solution for your company but is definitely a cost saver that will do to the job.

1 - Digital Age Business Hacks

Automated Data Monitoring

We have previously talked about the importance of data in the digital age many times and is time we talk about it again. Data today is gold and although every company owns and generates data not every company knows how to handle it. Therefore the next digital age business hack has to do with automated data monitoring. Many companies have started to understand the importance of the data they possess and seek to do something about it. Others still don’t understand, and others not only understand and use it but also try to enhance it. The next best thing in the digital age for business after simply analysing data is to automate the data monitoring procedure. Introducing standard KPI’s and teaching algorithms to auto interpret data and see patterns will be a great timesaver in the future. Find ways to automate the data monitoring procedure of your business and you will soon be amazed with the results. 

State of the Art CRM System

Customers are the most important part of a company since they are the epicentre of every operation. Therefore if you own a company you should take really good care of them and always try to keep them pleased. The best way to achieve something like that in the digital age is by using a state of the art CRM System. CRM Systems are Customer Relationship Management Systems. In simple words a CRM is platform were you can add all your customers information and have every detail you need about them organised. Companies have been using CRM Systems for many years now but the digital age has increased requirements. The new CRM Systems offer companies various opportunities and services such as streamlining procedures, automating sales and operating in cloud environments. These new opportunities can build strong relationships between companies and customers like never before. Take advantage of these systems and try to make the most out of them and you will soon notice the difference.

The digital age is here and we must adapt. Either we are talking about an entire company or as individuals we must all align with the times. Follow these digital age business hacks and you will always stay one step ahead.

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