: The folding carton segment of the package printing industry is among the most attractive for printers to consider, due to its size and accessibility. Though still in its early stages of adoption, digital printing has become a viable production technology for folding cartons, and the number of printers investing in the technology is on the rise. This report details the key drivers for digital printing adoption in the segment, and the impact it can have on printers and their customers.

There are several aspects of the folding carton segment of the packaging industry that make it attractive for printers to consider. The size of the market is one, with folding cartons accounting for approximately $18 billion in total print value in North America in 2017. Additionally, its accessibility to commercial printers makes it an enticing entryway into the packaging world.

While a majority of folding carton production is produced via sheetfed offset printing, the digital printing presence in the segment is growing. Market trends such as decreasing run lengths, package versioning, and increased speed to market are among the key drivers of digital printing adoption by folding carton printers.

In this special report from SGIA and Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends, readers will discover additional opportunities in folding carton printing and the impact digital printing will have on the segment.

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  • Key market drivers behind digital printing adoption
  • How digital printing is impacting folding carton printers and their brand owner customers
  • How digital printing technology will further develop

w sgia14 - Digital Printing For Folding Carton Converting: An Analysis of User Adoption Practices and Opportunity

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