3 1 - Emotional intelligence, the key to becoming a strong leader

Emotional intelligence, the key to becoming a strong leader

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and control your own emotions, as well as other people’s. A high EQ, as it is most commonly called, is very important, regardless of the industry and the position you are in. Being emotionally intelligent, is of high importance, if you aspire to become a strong leader, if you want to get a raise or if you want to elevate in your company’s hierarchy. Emotional intelligence is one of the most powerful assets you can own these days.

In business, being able to control your controls, is very important in the decision-making process. If you can recognize the emotions that influence you when making a decision, you can exclude negative emotions that influence you at that moment and better focus on your tasks. Emotions are as important as opinions and facts, so you can use them in a similar manner to them. Moreover, EQ can help you with being more motivated and productive daily. But why should emotional intelligence interest you and how can you increase your EQ and get ahead of others?

Why emotional intelligence should interest you?

As mentioned above, a high EQ is critical, to become a strong leader. A good leader has to deal with a lot of people with different personalities, attitudes, and perspectives, so he has to be in place to handle all these people accordingly. EQ is linked with higher empathy skills, that are very useful to a leader. Emotional intelligence can also, help you with decision-making and stress management. A leader needs to have a clear head in a crisis outburst, to effectively handle the situation and, at the same time, make the best possible decisions. Without a high EQ, you may end up making decisions that could possibly harm your company. 

4 1 - Emotional intelligence, the key to becoming a strong leader

How can you increase your EQ?

Some people have been gifted with a high EQ. But, if you think that you lack of emotional intelligence, there are ways to work on it and finally, increase it. You can work with yourself and try to identify every emotion that is caused to you during the day. Once you get to know your emotions better, you can start controlling them and using them to your advantage. This is a process that you can also practice on other people, to find out how every person that works with you, reacts in particular situations.

How will emotional intelligence help you move forward?

Based on studies, a higher EQ is linked with a higher salary. That’s why people that are more emotionally intelligent are more productive and create a good reputation around their names. People want to work with them because they trust the quality and the outcome of their work. Also, the most difficult part of getting a raise is to ask for it. People with a high EQ can sense when the right moment is, what language to use depending on who they are talking with, and what to answer in every possible question when asking for a raise. 

Emotional intelligence is an asset that every professional out there should have if they want to control their feelings and being able to achieve much more in their workplace.