Forging The Digital Twin in Discrete Manufacturing

Today’s era of change in manufacturing is faster than any seen in history.

Getting transformation right in today’s competitive world is critical, and one key factor is the ability to manage and use data to achieve enterprise Strategic Objectives. A Digital Twin is often at the very heart of the metamorphosis.

This resource arms the senior corporate executive with a straightforward understanding of:

  • Results of the primary research on Digital Twin in manufacturing as a whole
  • What is Digital Twin in context of discrete manufacturing
  • How does a manufacturing enterprise capture value with Digital Twin
  • Why the product Digital Twin and asset Digital Twin require distinct consideration
  • Recommendations to develop and achieve value with a Digital Twin strategy
Learn the benefits now, and distribute that information throughout your organization today so the entire staff can start thinking about how they can put the Digital Twin to work in their role.

w dasa88 - Forging The Digital Twin in Discrete Manufacturing

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