paperpicks july20 cover - Generation Z- How Marketing can Conquer the Game

Generation Z- How Marketing can Conquer the Game

Generation Z- How Marketing can Conquer the Game

Those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s are the first generation of digital citizens. They are the demographic cohort after the Millennials.  Gen Z is recognized as the next consumer powerhouse.  Always digitally connected, they could potentially be an easily accessible target for marketers.  However, due to their digital expertise, they have high expectations and a clear view, while using social platforms.  Marketers need to build specific strategies that target what’s vital to Gen Z, considering their values and perspectives.

Generation Z will account for approx. 40% of all consumers by 2020, according to statistics.  Members of Gen Z are more unconnected, engaging themselves in technology. They grew up on social media and can research their way out of any difficulty. Influenced by their experience of terrorism and the recession, GenZers are more interested in engaging in social activism and working for their success. Gen Z uses different platforms for different activities:

  • Instagram, to showcase their inspirations
  • Snapchat, to experience authentic moments
  • Twitter, to learn the news
  • Facebook to gather information

This sturdy consumer base can help your business grow its revenue, as long as you create new strategies to meet their needs and values. Brands that don’t adapt to the way Gen Z utilizes technology, will lose market share.

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Do not know where to start or how to improve your social media marketing for approaching GenZers? Consider the following approaches that tap into Gen Z core characteristics and boost engagement:

Play the ball in “their playground”

GenZers are extremely tech-savvy. They spend more time on social media. Marketing strategies should start on social and mobile, and include multiple touchpoints, with personal, clear messaging, and use various formats (video, pic posts, and stories). If GenZers are involved in producing the message, they’ll be more responsive to it.

Acquire Social Responsibility

Gen Z considers providing excellent value for a fair price a socially responsible behavior that delivers a greater good. Gen Z is interested in ethnic, gender and income equality, and environmental matters. Supporting these values is becoming a differentiator for brands.

Present the final impact of your product use

GenZers is a result-driven group, and selling your product directly will not serve your brand.  Instead, sell the story and the success they will benefit by using it. This sales approach lets you connect the dots for them, with workflows and processes on how to maximize the use of your product.

Encourage authenticity

 Gen Z wants to be considered as real people, not model icons. GenZers are looking for authenticity and people who reflect their own lives. Speak to them concerning their weaknesses that can be turned into compelling uniqueness. To win with Gen Z, marketers have to evolve from informing to delighting, from celebrity to authenticity and from generic to predictive

Leverage Video Communications

Gen Z never uses voicemail and prefers text to email. They also are the YouTube/Netflix/Reddit generation — consuming quick one to three-minute videos on their phones. Using video as the medium of choice engages them throughout the sales process.  Sales organizations must add video-building skills to their toolkits, fortifying their sellers to engage GenZers better.

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