Reach carefully selected audience

Create a multi-channel and multi-touch marketing approach

Get Top Marketing Qualified Leads to boost your business.
A team of experts analyzes and creates a proprietary marketing campaign, based on your needs and requirements.


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Content Syndication
and Asset Creation

Industry leading companies and subject experts provide Paperpicks with digital assets, which vary from whitepapers, infographics, case studies and blogs, to online presentations and reports. Paperpicks is responsible for the creation of a specific environment, designed to promote each asset, offering a description and an application form for the users. There is also, the possibility to create a targeted questionnaire in accordance to the clients’ needs.

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Campaign Planning
and Execution

The expectations of the client are the first concern. Paperpicks focuses on creating targeted audience marketing  campaigns, to reassure perfect results. To achieve high user engagement, targeted lists of user accounts with certain characteristics, are offered free content, relevant to their profile and needs. Through a multi-channel or a multi-touch campaign, Paperpicks generates high qualified leads to offer to buyer influencers and decision makers.

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The last step is the verification and validation process. All the leads offered by Paperpicks are certain to be of top quality. A team of experts, double checks the verified results, produced by an automated verification system, and take care of the presentation format. Paperpicks offers the possibility to deliver the leads to the client, either through its high tech lead management software straight to the clients CRM, or with other means that the client shall specify.


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Audiences and Reach

Over 10million of verified global database, originated by various verified verticals, ensures engagement with more than 1million buyer influencers and decision makers, by inbound and outbound multi-channel marketing programs. Paperpicks team consists of more than 50 lead generation specialists, responsible of generating over 50000 qualified leads every year.

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Industry Segment

Paperpicks enhances its database constantly. Assuring top interest and marketing reach results for its clients is a priority. The database consists of more than 20 Business to Business (B2B) verticals, focusing mainly on Information Technology (IT), Business Services, Marketing, Finance & Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Human Resource, Manufacturing, BioTech, Government, Automotive, Utility/Energy, as well as many other.

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Target Filters

Paperpicks is using a list of specific filters to generate Top Funnel Leads. Some of the filters are the Job profile, Seniority Level, Industry, Company Revenue, Employee Size, Country-State-ZipCode Geo and the Target Account List of the client. With simultaneous Lead Nurturing, Paperpicks provides high quality marketing leads, customized to meet the needs of every customer.