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Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs


We are all being exposed daily to success stories of intelligent and effective entrepreneurs and the message that comes through is that there are some people that simply do more, and that there are some people that simply achieve more. Let’s get some things straight. Nothing is simple, the struggle is real and it is there even if its’ not promoted. The fact that we are constantly exposed to success stories doesn’t mean that there is no struggle or no failure. These successful people go through serious obstacles and face many problems when they are striving for success, but keep in mind that the only thing that is promoted is always the positive outcome. What happens in the road to success? What do these people though have in common? and How can someone use these effective entrepreneurs as an example to kickstart his business or even his life? Here are a few of the most common habits of highly effective Entrepreneurs according to writer Stephen R. Covey and his book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Sharpen the Saw

Sharpen the saw is an expression used to describe these people as always being on edge and staying alert. Although highly effective people work a lot and put a lot of effort in their job, they also make sure they don’t get burned out. Successful entrepreneurs realise that they are more productive when they get to rest, sit back and rethink instead of overworking and producing medium results. Therefore you should always remember to “sharpen the saw” and take some moments to recharge in order to produce more later on.

Be Proactive

Entrepreneurs and successful people are creators. They don’t leave things to chance. They prefer creating and controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened. It is quite common among these people to be proactive, they have goals, aspirations and an urge to manage situations in the most effective way. Adopt this habit and although in the beginning things might seem quite rough the results are rewarding.

Keep the End in Mind

Another common habit among these kind of people is the fact that they keep in mind the end. This means that when these people start planning something or work towards a direction they have fantasised, the have visualised, the have foreseen were this is going and it’s possible outcome. This helps them subliminally make their mind and body work towards that direction and in the end the results are as close as they could be to what they had in their mind from the beginning.

Put First Things First

One of the most important habits any entrepreneur or person has to adopt and should keep it as a way of thinking and acting for the rest of his life is planning. Highly effective entrepreneurs understand the importance of planning and prioritising and try to optimise it constantly. They understand that when they put the things in the right order they both achieve and complete more in the most possible efficient way because they keep their mind focused on what is important to be done now and what follows.

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Think Win-Win

Highly Effective Entrepreneurs are not interested in always winning the biggest part of the cake when negotiating. They are interested in keeping all sides happy and they understand that this can lead to better results in the long term. By keeping all sides happy and satisfied you give them the opportunity to grow and if the ecosystem grows then you grow with it.

First Understand, Then be Understood

First listen then talk. Highly Effective people understand that when they talk they are just repeating the things they already know, but when they leave someone else talk they are acquiring useful information that could be converted to knowledge. In simple words adapt the habit of first understanding what others are saying to you and then trying to be understood.


This type of people understand that team work and the work of many validated by the presence of a team will always be greater than the work of any individual. Adopt this habit and attempt to find others that share the same passion and aspirations with you in order to create and deliver more because at the end of the day that is what synergy is.

Being a business owner or an entrepreneur can be hard from time to time and the truth is that no matter how good or bad you are you will always have ups and downs in your performance, make these habits a part of your life and at the end the results will be rewarding.

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