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How to be a good project manager

In order to be characterized as a skillful project manager, you need to possess many different skills. Some of them are supporting your team members, providing your help to counterbalance processes, and standing by them as a mentor and teacher and not as a boss who just wants to get the work done. Two of the most important skills for a project manager are being able to cope properly with other people and having personal skills, which means having expertise in his business field. 

To achieve all the above, you need to spend time with your team and get to know them better for them to trust you and get inspired by your attitude. If you achieve that, you will see that your team members will work on their maximum efforts and their productivity levels will skyrocket. Below you will find tips that will help you with this process. 

Expertise is power

In a team with many members and various complex tasks, no one can know everything. Usually, in these cases, each employee has a field of expertise. Even though you as a project manager, may have a large extension of knowledge about your project’s matters, you always need to ask for the opinion and utilize the niche knowledge that a team member may possess on a specific matter. A person’s experience on certain matters is far more useful and important than knowing the processes just in theory. 

Always stand by your team members

Even though, as mentioned above, you cannot be an expert for every process and activity that takes place in your project, you can always provide your valuable help and offer important insights. Sometimes, to accomplish a task, two minds working together, are better than one. We are people and it’s only logical that we may need a little perspective from time to time, to get the work done. Ask them to explain how they reached that conclusion, show you their work so far and what needs to be done next. Employees love this kind of treatment because it indicates honesty and true interest in their work.

Bring your team members closer

Every team consists of individuals with different skills and talents. Each one of them strives to do their best for his project duties, but sometimes they do not cooperate enough with one another. It’s very important, as a project manager, to identify the need to bring them closer and get them to learn more about each other’s tasks. This way your team will function in a very cohesive way.

1 - How to be a good project manager

Communicate the message correctly

Communication is the most critical aspect of a team. Everything that is said, needs to be understood in the same way by all the team members, otherwise, this will cause you problems in the future. As a project manager, you need to be very precise when communicating the message about what needs to be done and what processes you will follow. If there is a miscommunication problem, the only one you have to blame is yourself. If you, before all others, communicate the wrong way, don’t ask your team to communicate properly.

A project manager has to handle a lot of tasks, but with the help of his team, their knowledge, cooperation, and positive attitude, the burden on his shoulders can become much lighter.