How to Build and Change Habits in the Workplace

A report on how top-performing organizations help people to change

The world is changing at a rate that is greater than our natural ability to adapt to it. To remain competitive, organizations must adapt more quickly than ever. And that means enabling their people to learn new ways of being and working.

In this research report, Towards Maturity draws on data from its annual benchmarking surveys to show how top-performing learning organizations achieve application and reflection, which enable the development of new habits.

The data shows that organizations that achieve application are more likely to:

  • Extend the classroom
  • Use performance support
  • Emphasize the role of the manager

And organizations that achieve reflection are more likely to:

  • Apply the science of learning
  • Provide opportunities for structured thinking
  • Encourage and enable moments of reflection

w aaaa11394 - How to Build and Change Habits in the Workplace

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