25 - How to have faith in you when nobody else does

How to have faith in you when nobody else does

There may be many times in life that you will want to do something you have never done before, go the extra mile, and dare something new and, at the same time, risky. But, the voice in your head stops you before you start your attempt and keeps you one step back from doing it. This happens because our brains are programmed in a way that will keep us away from unknown and uncharted waters. They try to keep us safe and sound all the time, no matter what.

Nevertheless, you still want to follow your dream, you still want to leave your job and follow your heart, you still want to risk and try to make it happen. Other people may say that what you want to achieve is impossible and that you should not risk it, just because they don’t know someone else who managed to succeed on this particular thing. People will always be there and will always have their opinion that it may be different than yours. All you have to do is block all those voices and just give it a shot. But how will you manage to believe in yourself when nobody else does?

The aftermath

Let’s say that you have an idea and you want to see that idea in a bricks-and-mortar shape. All you have to do is to take the big decision and start working on it. Just think that if it was easy, anyone could do it. And even if this idea fails, you will still have an answer of how it could evolve. If you hadn’t tried at all, you would never know. So, praise yourself for making that decision and take advantage of all the priceless experience that this situation brought upon you. 

Look out for people who made it

It is difficult to make the decision of starting something completely new and unknown to you. So, you have to start looking for other people you were at the same point as you and decided to go the extra mile. If you cannot find someone from your social circle or family, look out for successful entrepreneurs or celebrities. When you will get to know details regarding their stories, you will feel like you are part of this pack. But, most importantly, you will now have in your hand references on how to proceed from now on. This way your brain will now think of a trail that needs to be followed towards your goal and not a dark path. 

26 - How to have faith in you when nobody else does

Trust your instincts

Your main obstacle is your friends’ and family’s opinion. You are afraid that you may hurt them with your decisions or that you do not want to deviate from the advice they gave you. However, you have to keep in mind that this piece of advice is based on their personal experience and decisions. Of course, they want the best for you, but the fact that they made different decisions for their lives than you, does not give them the right to make those decisions for your life too. You have to trust your instinct and think of what is better for yourself because you are the only one that has to live with your choices.

Do not let fear control your emotions, take things into your hands, make your own decisions without listening to others’ opinions and everything will be alright.