1 - Trust or Rust: The Importance of Trust in Business

Trust or Rust: The Importance of Trust in Business


If someone asked our opinion about the foundation of business, we would certainly say that every business is based on trust. Every brand comes with a promise and the glue that holds together an organization is of course trust. Relationships are also build on trust and thinking about it carefully we can observe that every business is build on relationships. So it is pretty clear by now that there is a small ecosystem that we call business and it rotates around an element called trust. Building and enhancing this element can lead to amazing results for an organization while ignoring it can be disastrous and lead it to rust. So how can a company work and build its trust in today’s business environment and why is it so important? Here are a few tips that can help you get a better understanding.

Trust Yourself & Your Team

The first thing an entrepreneur has to do in order to build his company’s trust is to start from the core. And by core we mean himself and the ones close to him, his team. If you are an aspiring business owner and you are trying to find a solution, start looking inside first. Trust yourself as a leader, as an entrepreneur and as a business owner. This will help you pass on far more better vibes to your team at first and your company later. Also you must trust your team, after all they are there for a reason. Give them space and time to do what you hired them to do and let them make their own mistakes. This will help your relationship become stronger and develop a level of mutual understanding which is most commonly know as… trust.

2 - Trust or Rust: The Importance of Trust in Business

Invest in New Relationships

Business of course has to do with meeting new people and creating relationships with them in order to conduct business. It is not easy to trust people you have just met but the truth is you must invest in new opportunities. Every new person you meet and every new company you have a meeting with is a new opportunity. Give them a chance even if that means that you are going against your instincts. You have to learn how to trust people if you want to be trusted. You never know what can occur from a new relationship. This is where the power of trust can become miraculous for your business. So give it a shot.

Discuss Unique Needs

Trust is build between individuals or companies on different levels. Every person and every situation is unique so you must treat it uniquely. Take the time to investigate and analyse what will help you build trust in every relationship. What do you expect and what is expected from you. Listen to others if you want to be listened to and give if you want to get. Learning how to treat every situation separately gives a personalised feeling to the involved parties. This helps you build trust and create a far more meaningful and interesting relationship that can benefit both sides.

Engage in Respect

Another way to build a company’s inbound or outbound trust is by engaging in respect. As people say trust is earned and not bought, and in order to gain someones trust you must first treat him with respect. Every relationship either it is a professional one or a personal one needs to be treated with respect. Keep that in mind and you will soon see the difference it makes to your relationships.

Keep your Word

Finally in order to build trust there is one rule you must always follow. Remember that trust is two-sided affair and there is only one thing you have to do in order to gain it. Keep your word. Always deliver what you have promised and if possible deliver more. Adopting this mindset will help you build trust easier than anything else while also help you understand it better.