1 2 - Important Lessons Entrepreneurship Taught Us

Important Lessons Entrepreneurship Taught Us

Entrepreneurship is not an easy game to play, and if you decide to go down that path you should be prepared for the worst. To be an entrepreneur in many cases is much like being a firefighter. You constantly find yourself facing problems, coming up with solutions and putting out fires. From creating products and services, to handling people, to brining value to society you have no option but to always deliver. Therefore as soon as you realise the social contract you have signed you can start focusing on what really matters. Those things are the type of impact you want to make and the type of problems you want to solve. Entrepreneurship has been around for many years, probably from the beginning of the human race always helping our lives become easier. From the invention of fire to the invention of the first smartphone it has been around either we believe it or not. The greatest thing about it though, is that it will always be here no matter what we do.

Either you are the smartest or the dumbest person in the room you can become an entrepreneur as long as you work hard. Everyone has something special to give to you and everyone has something special to gain from you. The way we take advantage of what we give and what we take is what separates good entrepreneurs from the bad ones. After all this is what entrepreneurship is all about and why it is such a magnificent game. Since entrepreneurship has been around from the beginning of time the record of failures and successes has grown showing us the way. The history of entrepreneurship has taught us some valuable lessons and we are here to present them to you. Keep reading and find out the most important lessons entrepreneurship taught us over the years.

First You Learn, Then You Earn

There is a great difference between masters and apprentices and it has to do with experience. Experience does not come from one day to another, nor does it just show up. Instead it comes with a lot of hard work, perseverance and patience. One of the great lessons the history of entrepreneurship has taught us is that in order to succeed you must first fail. Everyone has to first make their mistakes before they attempt to become masters, and the same rules apply in everything in life. After all the master has failed more times than the apprentice has even tried.

Focus on Impact, Instead of Money

As we previously said first you learn, and then you earn. In a way this also applies when it comes to making money as well. The more you get experienced on a specific field and the more friction you have with it the better you become. Becoming better in most cases automatically means generating more money. One way or another money will come your way, and you will find solutions to gain even more. The valuable lesson entrepreneurship has to teach is that in this life what really matters has nothing to do with money. The greatest entrepreneurs in our world never focused on money, because they were too busy focusing on their goals. Finding your purpose and focusing on the impact your company can make is what really matters. So instead of constantly searching for money and other supplementaries,  try searching deep on what really matters to you. 

2 2 - Important Lessons Entrepreneurship Taught Us

Every Action Comes With A Reaction

If there is one thing the history of entrepreneurship has to teach is it is that it follows the same rules as life. Since some elements of life can be explained through physics, what better way to explain entrepreneurship. According to physics in nature every action comes with a reaction. The same thing happens in entrepreneurship as well. As an entrepreneur you create value, and you have a positive or negative impact around you. Some entrepreneurs have a massive impact while others have a smaller one. No matter what the size of the impact you or your company has, make sure to always think twice. Keep in mind before your every decision if the outcome will affect others in a positive way and if it doesn’t, simply don’t do it. Part of the social contract entrepreneurs silently sign is to make things better, so focus on that and the reaction will come to your benefit.

Success is Not Final, Failure is Not Fatal

Finally the best lesson the history of entrepreneurship has to teach us is about success and failure. There are numerous examples of people who were considered successful that lost everything in a glimpse. While there are also numerous examples of people that were considered failures that never stopped trying, and succeeded. Success is not final, and failure is not fatal, every entrepreneur should know this and embrace it. Never give up, never stop trying and never settle. Be ferocious, be hungry and be unstoppable if you are truly looking to succeed.