pp3103 01 01 - Improving Your Company's Project Management

Improving Your Company’s Project Management


One of the biggest difficulties companies face nowadays is implementing and delivering successful project management. Every single client a company acquires has needs and those needs can be translated into a project. Your company can have the best team of designers, developers, salesmen and marketeers working on a project but when you don’t have someone to coordinate them in the most effective way you end up missing deadlines, deliverables and creating barriers that affect communication and make the project harder to be completed.

There are numerous examples of projects that went wrong because of the lack of project management although everything seemed to be working fine, while there are also as many examples of projects that were considered too difficult to be delivered but were successfully completed because of good project management skills. Project management is often linked to leadership and to be fair there is more than one good reasons why this happens, but project management isn’t just about leadership. Project management is about facilitating the right processes, policies and tools that can help a team work better and complete tasks on time. Here are a few tips on how you can improve your company’s project management.

Detailed Workflow Mapping

In order to manage a project you must first understand every single one of its aspects. So the best thing you have to do is to write down and map the entire project in detail. By mapping every detail and every process you gain a more clear image of the project as an entity. This will help you break down the work that has to be done and know at every given time what you have achieved by that moment and what follows. The more detailed the workflow mapping the less surprises you will find on the way of completing it. Just remember that not all people are great with understanding workflows and most people focus on the tree rather than focusing on the forest, so make sure to create clear understandable workflows with visuals that can help your team comprehend the idea of what they are supposed to achieve while they also have an image of what the actual project is all about.

pp3103 01 02 - Improving Your Company's Project Management

Set Milestones & Keep Track

Once you have your detailed workflow map ready it is time to add milestones and time frames. Every project no matter the size of it has to be broken down to smaller, more easy to complete tasks that can help enhance productivity and boost your teams psychology. Set realistic milestones that can be complete within the time frames that you believe they should be completed and keep track of what is going according to plan and what not. This will give you an even more clear image of the project’s progress while also show you which parts of it are holding you back and which are moving faster than you expected.

Use the Right Tools

We are lucky to live in an era where everything is becoming digital, an that means that we can find applications and websites for almost everything. One of the things that has been enhanced with the implementation of digital technologies in business is project management of course. There are many applications that offer amazing pricing plans for all types of businesses from small teams to large corporations. Make sure to conduct some research and ask for advice from people that are familiar with such tools and give them a try. The truth is that every new start is hard but the results are no doubt rewarding, just imagine that these applications can keep your team connected at any time and provide live feedback of what is done and what not at any time, giving you the great insights and the opportunity to change priorities with the tap of a screen.

Project Management is all about being flexible and that means adjusting to new circumstances and being able to overcome obstacles when they are presented to you in order to deliver everything on the time that was initially agreed. Embrace change and don’t be afraid to mix the cards in order to get a better hand. Evaluate all the new data that come in daily and re-adjust your strategy in order to have that project done on time.