1 1 - Improving your Leadership Skills

Improving your Leadership Skills


Ever since the beginning of time there have been two types of people in this world, leaders & followers. Leaders are the ones that take a step forward and show the way when action is needed and times are tough. While followers are the ones that wait for someone else to show them the way so they can follow. If you consider yourself a leader or you are looking to become one keep reading and start taking notes.

Leadership is often linked to success, but what most people seem to neglect is that leadership is mostly about handling failure. Failure is inevitable but what separates good leaders from bad leaders is that the first ones handle it successfully. Either you are a bad leader or a good leader there is always room to improve. Improving your leadership skills can seriously impact your business in a positive way so here are a few tips for you.

Set the Example

If you are looking to become a great leader and to improve your skills you should start by setting the example. Instead of just telling your employees what to do you must also start showing them. When you are the leader, people look up to you and expect you to show them the way. For example if you are looking to make your employees talk more professionally to your clients, pick up the phone and show them how to do it. If you want to level up the dress code, show up better dressed every single day. Leaders set the tone and people follow.

Be Humble

Humility is a great skill that all leaders must have, and if they don’t have it they should acquire it. There is a great difference between leaders and bosses. Bosses seek glory for themselves and don’t like crediting others because they feel threatened. On the other hand leaders seek to credit their team and boost their confidence because they understand the importance of it. Eventually being humble will be appreciated both by employees and clients, and the results will be rewarding.

Communication is Key

There is nothing more important in leadership than effective communication. In order to become a great leader the first thing you must focus on is communication. Effective communication is very important in both business and life. Communicating right means you are being heard and understood by others but you also listen to them. Communication is a two way circuit so keep that in mind and start working on it.

Keep it Interesting

All businesses have setbacks and time-wasters during their everyday routines resulting to productivity levels dropping. Keeping your job interesting means keeping your team productive. If you are looking to become a better leader try finding ways to keep things interesting. When you know a certain job is boring try seeking for new ways to approach it and present it. In many cases the way we see things has to do with the way they are presented to us. 

2 1 - Improving your Leadership Skills

Set Boundaries

You might be the best leader out there, taking care of your team, understanding them and supporting them. If you are looking to up your game though and become a great leader you have to set boundaries. Setting your limits might sound a bit harsh but the truth is it can save your business from a lot of trouble. Keeping boundaries clear ensures there will be no confusions and people will understand what behaviour is tolerated and what not.

Learn From Mistakes

There is an ancient Greek saying that says “people that make the same mistake twice aren’t wise”. As a leader you must be the first one to learn from your mistakes and pass that mentality on to your team. Great leaders are not afraid of failing nor do they seek failure, but they embrace it when it happens and learn from it. 

Be Ready to Pay the Price

Leadership comes with price and If you are looking to become great at it you have to be ready to pay. Being a leader means that although people will follow you they will also doubt you. They might not like you and they might not believe in you but some times the job has to be done no matter what. So you end up pulling people along when they don’t want to be pulled, but this is how winning is done. Don’t be afraid to lead but be ready to pay the price.

Improving your leadership skills can have a massive result on they way your team, company, organisation works. Note down these tips and keep trying until you get the results you aimed for from the start. Now get out there and lead the way!