20 - Lead Generation Explained

Lead Generation Explained

Lead Generation Explained


Have you ever wondered what lead generation is and how it works? If yes then you are at the right place, if not then it is about time to find out. Lead generation is one of the most useful tools that a marketeer can use when looking to grow his business. Essentially when this tool is correctly used it can bring amazing results back to a company so keep on reading because it gets interesting. Let’s start off with the basics and explain what Lead Generation really is.

What is a Lead?

First we must understand what a Lead is. Anyone that shows interest in a company’s service or product expressing it in some kind of way can be considered a lead. In simple words anytime some stranger indicates that he is interested in your products or services in such a way like filling a form of interest and providing you with his personal details such as email, phone number, address etc then you have acquired a new lead. So to sum up a lead is like a clue, it provides you some information that helps you go to the next level.

What is Lead Generation?

Now that we understand what a lead is it is time to understand the concept of Lead Generation. Of course this is the process a company follows in order to attract and convert strangers and prospect individuals into someone that will initially indicate interest in it’s products or services and maybe become a client in the future. Great examples of Lead Generation are blogs, downloadable files, coupons, live events etc. So in simple words Lead Generation is the process a company follows in order to attract interest.

What Follows Lead Generation?

A lead on its own is as useless as wheels on a tomato. Leads are powerful information that in order to be useful have to be forwarded to the sales department and converted into sales. The whole reason why we try to generate leads is because we are interested in converting them to sales and increasing our clientele. So to answer the question, sales are what follow Lead Generation. Once the leads have been generated it is time for the sales department to take them and make the most out of them.

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Are All Leads the Same?

Of course not! Every client has different needs so it is only reasonable that Leads differ and that is why there are different types of leads. The most common types of leads are the Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and the Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) but we will talk more about these in the future.

The Importance of Lead Generation

When strangers initiate a relationship with a company by interacting with some online content and engaging organically with a business, automatically the stranger to client path is simplified and becomes much more natural. Lead Generation in simple words helps businesses and clients come closer and more familiar with each other building trust and creating a bond between them.

If Lead Generation is an iceberg we just talked about the tip of the mountain so stay connected and follow our blog in order to find out more about this massive marketing tool.

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