4 - Leadership Tips for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Leadership Tips for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Τhe Covid-19 pandemic has made many people rethink about their decisions in life, and that in our opinion is something beautiful. Never again did we have the time to just sit back, relax and rethink of our goals and choices with no pressure. Not only did we not have the luxury to do so, but we are also doing it while contributing to save the world. Sounds a little bit weird if you think about it but it’s true. Although there are many people that are in a bad place right now there are always two types of people. The ones that look at the glass and see it half empty and the ones that see it half full. We prefer to see it half full every time even if it is a little bit emptier, and so should you. Therefore since we are provided with such an opportunity we might as well make the most of it, why don’t we?

While people are just laying on their couch or working from home – some times they might do it simultaneously – they have the time to rewind. Having time to sit back and rethink without any stress is a blessing and we should praise it. Studies show that there has been a massive boom in people who have expressed their will to change careers. This means that the rethinking and rewinding is actually working. People now have to time to evaluate past decisions having a more mature view about what really matters in life. Maybe you are one of them, maybe you’re not. Maybe you can feel it in the air, maybe you can’t. Either way we feel it and we are happy about it because something is changing.

Change means evolution. A wise man once said that the definition of utopia isn’t to believe that everything will change but that it won’t. Taking a look at the latest study figures most of the people that have decided to change careers, are going big. People that had an idea o creating something, or a dream of achieving something else are the ones showing the way. In simple words, people are quitting their jobs in order to pursue their ambitions, and an entrepreneur is born every single minute. At Paperpicks we are big fans of entrepreneurship and we strongly believe that if you have it in you, you should go for it. Therefore in order to give you a good heads up we have collected the best leadership tips for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Laser Focus on Your Goals

The first tip we have to give to upcoming entrepreneurs is to follow their dreams no matter what the cost. On your way to achieving your dreams there will be many distractions. The natural path of life presents us with obstacles and problems that we have to face and overcome daily. Our advice to you is to laser focus on your goals no matter what. Laser focus means dedication, and no one can stop a dedicated person. Never forget why you started, where you are heading, what you want to achieve and how you will get there. It is very important to be 100% focused on all you ambitions and not to look back or away. This will help you get through both the good and the bad times and it will be your North Star throughout your journey. 

Make it Simple Every Single Time

Every time you are thinking about a new concept, an innovative idea, or an upcoming project try to keep it simple. Maybe you are designing your new products & services or maybe you are optimising your company’s business procedures. Whatever you are doing the golden rule is to simplify everything. Try to keep your mind clear and don’t add too much information into the equation when possible. The simpler the thoughts the easier you will find the optimal solution. Simplicity is bliss.

3 - Leadership Tips for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Learn Something New Every Day

There is absolutely no way you know everything. Even the most interesting and smart people in the world learn something new every day. Only fools believe they know everything and sooner or later they end up falling to the ground without even knowing why. Once you understand that there are many things in this world that you don’t know yet you‘ll be rich. The first step is acceptance and so far so good, the next step is perseverance. Although you should accept that you don’t know everything that doesn’t mean you should stop learning. On the contrary you should try even harder and make sure you never fall behind.

Always Work With the Best

Surround yourself with people that are better and smarter than you. If you live among the wolves you will have to eventually act like a wolf. This piece of advice is very important for any upcoming entrepreneur so treasure it. They say that you are the reflection of the five people that are closer to you. The more you hang out and work with people that are the best the more the possibilities you become one of them. The key to success has nothing to do with being the smartest person in the room. The key to success has to do with finding yourself in the right room for starters. Therefore always try to work with the best and maybe someday someone will try to work with you for the same reason.

Dream of The Impossible

Shoot for the moon, even if you fail you will find yourself among the stars, it might sound  cliche but it’s true. You should never stop dreaming of the impossible. The bigger you think the more possible it will be to achieve big things. Although you must think big you must always remember to start small. Starting small means you build your ladder to success step by step. The beauty about building things slow is that even if you fail you have a safety cushion to fall back onto.

Finally, to every upcoming entrepreneur there is one last piece of advice to keep in mind. Never settle for anything less than what you have dreamed of. That means that even if you fall 9 times you have to stand up 10.