2 1 - Master the art of thinking

Master the art of thinking

Master the art of thinking

As a leader, you have to make many decisions every day. To take the right decisions, you have to be focused, have a clear mind, and think the right way. Below you will find different ways of thinking according to different circumstances.

Organize your thoughts

What’s most important in business is correct and organized planning. Once you have made up your plans, you’re almost halfway to your goals. The planning process takes a lot of thinking in order to set the boundaries that will lead you to your final goal. 

If you have planned everything to the smallest detail, your team will have very informed instructions and nothing will go wrong. Moreover, if they see in your face the reassurance and trust they are seeking, you will surround yourself with people that are devoted to you and your vision.

Go the extra mile on creative thinking

On the other hand, when you want to create something innovative and try to stand out from the competition, you have to make an extra effort in your thinking. Don’t be afraid to turn your thoughts, about new processes that have not been applied till now in your industry, into reality. 

Only the daring ones have managed to make a breakthrough and all the well-known companies started from something that had never been applied before by someone else. That’s the reason why they reached so high, they took advantage of their innovative and creative character.

Spend some time alone with your thoughts

There are certain times that you need to slow down and take some time away from the office to think. These are the times that, with a clear mind, you will be able to consider more of your higher goals. 

At these personal moments, you can evaluate the decisions of the day and exert constructive criticism on yourself and if you have taken the right decisions. Even you spot errors or thinking of different paths if you had taken different decisions, this process will help you for the next time that you will be called to take a similar decision.

Work along with your team

Ten minds working together on something are better than one and this applies in the thinking and creative process. Talk to your team about your thoughts and ask them to contribute, if possible. This way they will feel that their opinion is appreciated and that they can help in creating something new and really interesting.

Don’t exclude them from your plans, sometimes they may know more small details about the company than you, due to their higher daily friction with the business processes and the clients.

1 1 - Master the art of thinking

One step at a time

Even though you need to plan the whole process before you start applying it, you have to focus on one step every time. A reason for that is that in theory, you may have planned everything perfectly and with extreme detail, but in practice, things may differ a lot and you may not receive the anticipated results.

Commit to your higher goals

Although you have to pay attention to the small steps, never forget your vision and where you want to reach. Evaluate every step of the process, detect small errors and fix them, so they won’t ruin your final outcome. Think high and set your long-term goals, but don’t see only that. Every step is important.

Concentrate, empty your minds, and think of your goals and how you will possibly reach them. Without effort and spending several hours of thinking, nothing can be achieved.

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