Measuring the ROI on Advisor Designations

Getting an advanced designation or certification takes a lot of effort. Get insights on if it’s really worth your while.

Advanced professional designations can help you stand out in a crowded field and attract more high-value relationships, but getting the credentials requires a significant investment of your time and, in many cases, money. Before actually doing the work, you should have an understanding of what your return on investment might be. Additionally, since there are more than 250 possible designations or certifications, you must be able to assess the merits of each possibility.

Download this white paper now for four ways an advanced professional designation can drive personal and practice growth and what you should consider when choosing what to pursue. You will learn:

  • How clients view and value the different designations and certifications
  • How designations may make your client relationships more valuable
  • How they might increase earnings and revenue potential
  • Ways they can mitigate fiduciary risk

Before deciding to spend the time and money to add letters behind your name, you should understand the true costs and value involved. Get key insights to direct your path forward.

w cete16 - Measuring the ROI on Advisor Designations

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