2 3 - Noticing if Your Team Communicates Effectively

Noticing if Your Team Communicates Effectively

The evolution of the human race is based on one single but very important factor and that is communication. The difference between humans and any other species is that we can communicate on more levels than they do. The fact that we have developed verbal communication traits that lead to the creation of languages is a key differentiator for our kind. One of the most famous stories we learn as young kids is the story of the Babel tower. Since we all know how this ends it is easily understood that communicating effectively is very important when it comes to building something.

That said, we understand that this also applies in other aspects of our lives highlighting the importance of effective communication in business. Imagine having a business that does not communicate effectively, wouldn’t that result to a new Babel tower? Of course it would! Now imagine having a business who communicates effectively how better results would it produce? Noticing if your team communicates effectively is very important  for the survival of your company. Therefore we have created a list of things you should notice in order to do so, and here they are.

Hard to Work Environment

The first thing you should focus on is the vibe of the environment your people work in. If you start noticing that there is a weird vibe in the workspace, then something is wrong. Try solving this problem by first evaluating if there is something you are doing wrong that creates this environment. Then focus on readjusting either your attitude and procedures or even your workspace physically in order to create a better “vibing” workplace. The more easy to work the environment becomes the more productive people are, so start from that.

Silence in the Workspace

Although many times silence is very much needed in order to work faster and more efficiently it can also damage your company severely. Working in an environment where no one speaks can kill productivity and make people feel uncomfortable, even if they are introverts. The last thing you want is for your people to be afraid of expressing themselves and being unproductive. The way to solve this problem is to adopt an active listening mentality and truly apply your people’s suggestions. When people understand they are being listened to they get more motivated and seek to offer more. 

1 3 - Noticing if Your Team Communicates Effectively

Intense Conversations, Interruptions & Disrespect

The fact that silence in the workspace is not good for a company doesn’t mean that the opposite is great. A great way of understanding if your team communicates effectively is by noticing their behaviour. If you start seeing behaviours such as intense conversations, interruptions & disrespect between employees then something is wrong. Try to repair this situation by promoting teamwork and by organising team bonding activities. When people work together in fun activities they bond stronger, leading them to work better together in the boring activities too.

Negative Attitude & Zero Motivation

One of the easiest ways to understand if your team is communicating effectively has to do with their take on projects. If you start noticing failure on delivery, negative attitudes on assigned tasks and zero motivation to go the extra mile, something is wrong. Fix this problem by starting with the small things. Maybe some of your employees have a heavy workload and they can’t seem to escape it, or maybe their wages are not satisfying. Either way when it comes to motivation these two factors are very important but they are not the only ones. Finally remember to stay positive and optimistic and communicate that to your team. Human psychology is an interesting field teaching us that everything is a matter of attitude. Show the way, set the tone and people will follow. If you are productive they will be productive, and if you are unmotivated they will be unmotivated.

Communication is the alpha and the omega in any type of relationship, either that is a business one or a personal one. Focus on understanding and noticing these issues as soon as possible and the damage will be insignificant. Ignore them and you will soon find yourself in another Babel tower disaster.