Project Business Case Checklist

This project business case checklist explains the purpose of the project business case and the essential sections and their recommended contents that must be included. This checklist will ensure that you present a well argued case for your project and how it contributes to your organization’s strategic growth plans.

There are many different requirements asked of a manager within a company. Regardless of the type of company, or the level of the manager, certain skills are needed in order to effectively guide the department in the desired direction. For instance, a manager needs to be a strong people-person, adept and taking the various personalities of employees and merging them into a productive unit. Managers also need to be reliable, steady, and comfortable working under pressure.

A good business case will demonstrate at least the following basic points:

  • Why the project was initiated, and what problem it is intended to solve
  • The details into what process was involved in this project, and how it evolved from beginning to end
  • What resources are required to put the plan into action from this point forward
  • The benefits of putting the plan into action, and the potential problems that could arise from not taking action
  • What specific next step is needed to get the project put into effect

All good managers need to have the ability to write a quality business case as a part of their repertoire. This skill will allow the manager to enact change within the company, motivate people to work in a certain direction, and demonstrate the manager's skill and importance to the operation as a whole. 

w frec234 - Project Business Case Checklist

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