Satisfaction With Product Development Collaboration Solutions

In September and October 2017, surveyed 248 engineers from more than eight different industries about the systems they use for collaboration in product development. Our analysis focused on their level of satisfaction with their collaboration systems across several dimensions.

The analysis that follows is designed to help product development teams benchmark their collaboration experience relative to other teams.

Here are a few selected insights from the survey data:

  • On-site server-based systems are the most common type of collaboration system in use, with 52% of product development teams reporting those as their primary system. 32% of teams have no system, and 16% use a cloud-based system.
  • While product teams rated their satisfaction with collaboration as generally good, that result was dependent upon which type of system they used. Those with no system had a high reported frequency of “extremely dissatisfied” and those with a cloud-based system had a high frequency of “extremely satisfied.”
  • Product teams gave themselves good marks for achieving target product quality, but poorer scores for launching products on time. Teams who used cloud-based systems for collaboration had a higher likelihood of launching products on time. This difference was statistically significant.

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