Seven Reasons Why Your Enterprise Needs Cognitive Search

All departments across the enterprise — engineering and research, customer service, sales and marketing, finance, HR — need specific information to perform their roles. Knowledge is key to business insights, and there are hard costs associated with time spent searching for information, or faulty decisions made based on wrong or out-of-date information.

A McKinsey report estimates that digital workers spend almost 20% of their time searching for and gathering information.

Why is enterprise search failing?

The modern digital workplace amasses volumes of valuable data that is "structured", where it is expressed in rows and columns, as well as "unstructured", like text documents, webpages, images, audio and video. These unstructured datasets make it difficult to search, discover and analyze the right information to gain insights and make decisions. Across these data silos there are hidden sets of knowledge that range from being useful to essential to crucial.

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