3 - Shaping Corporate Social Responsibility in 2020

Shaping Corporate Social Responsibility in 2020


Creating a company does not only mean you have created a service or product. Creating a company comes with a commitment. When you start your own business you should be aware that you can no longer act as an individual nor can you treat matters as one. You have a contract with society, with your community, with your people. This powerful bond is created the moment you launch your business, and once it is created you are held responsible.

The pandemic has changed many things in our world, from the way we see and perceive it to the way we interact with it. This decade started with an unexpected surprise for all of us and it still seems to bring up new surprises every day. Now is the time for businesses to step up and fulfil their commitment by giving something back to the people that support them. Corporate Social Responsibility has been around for many decades but we need it now more than ever. Here are a few ways for shaping your corporate social responsibility in 2020.

Pivot Products & Services

Due to the circumstances that have occurred, there are great ways to shape your Corporate Social Responsibility. One of them is to pivot your products and services. Entrepreneurs and business owners have always tried to be one step ahead and change the nature of their company constantly. This time though the situation is different and that means that the change is different too. Companies should focus on pivoting their products and services to create social impact and not to just increase profits. Although profitability is crucial for the survival of any company, at this point in time a healthy society is more important. Try to find a problem your company can solve for your society and adjust your products and services accordingly. A great example of CSR in 2020 were athletic apparel brands that used their facilities and machinery to produce inhalers. These companies paused their everyday production and focused on helping the people next to them that were in need. Truly remarkable.

Develop Prevention Protocols

Another way companies can be socially responsible in 2020 is by developing prevention models and techniques in order to avoid unprecedented surprises. What this year helped us humans understand better is that the most important thing in our lives is health. If you are looking for innovative ways to combine CSR and health, developing prevention protocols is the answer. As a company you have the ability to constantly educate and inform both your personnel and customers about health issues. You can apply this by either organising online virtual calls with experts either by continuously notifying them about new information. You can also set up decontamination hotspots within your company were people can sterilise before entering. A great example of CSR in 2020 that has to do with prevention protocols that were adopted from many companies without them even knowing. Many companies over the world decided to pay for their employees COVID-19 tests before they returned to work. This act was an act of corporate social responsibility and the companies that did it should be recognised.

4 - Shaping Corporate Social Responsibility in 2020

Take Mental Health Seriously

One of the biggest issues society and the human race in general has to face after this pandemic is mental health. This situation has affected most humans even if they realise it or not. The issue with mental health is that it might turn into a severe problem if we don’t take it seriously. The best thing a company has to do about performing acts of CSR in 2020 is to focus on mental health. There are many ways companies can act when it comes to mental health. The first step is to create an environment were people feel they can talk openly about it. Next you can inform and educate people in order to help prevent many incidents or even help people realise their situation. Finally you can assist people who reach out to you within your company with actual treatment. Talking about mental health and showing your support as a company helps raise awareness and the impact it can have on society is massive. Mental health will be a serious topic of conversation over the years and companies should take it seriously.

Companies and businesses do not only serve society, but they are part of it. Therefore when a company decides to perform acts of CSR it must have in mind how to maximise its impact. Because what most companies must understand is that eventually they will benefit from it. Generosity always pays back. Start shaping your Corporate Social Responsibility today.