4 - Small Changes with a big difference in terms of productivity

Small Changes with a big difference in terms of productivity

Productivity is a very hot topic that is discussed more and more nowadays. With so many tasks that need to be completed every single day and with the many different roles that a single person has, people are looking for ways to skyrocket their productivity and achieve every single task of those they are assigned to them. Sure, you do not want to spend all your day working and you want to get things done as faster and more efficiently as possible. 

Different things work for different people and something that helps a person concentrate and be productive does not necessarily have to function for everyone else. But, if you begin searching, you will finally find what works best for your case. Below you will not find typical ways that will help you accomplish that, but you will find some small tricks that, if implemented, can have a high impact on your productivity. 

Complete smaller tasks first

What does this mean? If you know that you have to complete a task that will take you less than 3 minutes, do it first. Do not leave for later, because afterward, you will need much more time to get it done. It is much more preferable to have one small task finished than working at the same time on 10 different things and having none of them done because you are just juggling from one to the other. If you think that you cannot estimate the time needed to complete your tasks, create a to-do list and evaluate the time you need to spend on each one of these tasks. This will help you complete many small tasks daily. 

The power of music

Music is important and can help you a lot in many different aspects of your life. This also applies to your productivity levels. Based on studies, songs with a faster track speed are connected with increased performance. So, find songs that have a cheerful beat and you enjoy hearing. Play them before attempting to get involved with a task and you will see that your mood will be much better and you will be ready for work. Also, do not hesitate to dance to that songs, it will take some of the pressure off and it will be so much fun for you. 

3 - Small Changes with a big difference in terms of productivity

Be more elaborate with your to-do list

People always tend to overcomplicate things. This means that even if you have organized your to-do list and, hence, you are aware of all things you need to complete within your day, chances are that you will not have finished with them till the end of the day. This happens because, sometimes you need to write down the route that needs to be followed, in order to accomplish your tasks. A simple way to overcome this problem is to simplify your to-do list. Break your tasks into smaller pieces as well as the steps that need to be done, so as to reach the desired outcome. These tasks’ breakdowns will help you be more productive and get the work done in a faster and more efficient way.

If you implement the aforementioned habits in your daily routine, your productivity will boost, your energy levels will rise and your stress levels will diminish.