State of Contract Management

Contractual status quo will grow evermore outdated. Don’t get left behind. Download this guide for insights and data you can use to update your contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes.

More companies have been re-examining their contract management processes and technology, with goals to improve their capabilities. Settling for the contractual status quo is an outdated option. While many organizations have made progress to transform their contract process, there is still more work to be done.

The 2019 State of Contract Management Report presents a snapshot of how contracts are currently being handled in the modern workplace, and the pain points and opportunities that it brings. Download this report for a wealth of insights and data you can use to make your CLM processes more agreement-friendly. Topics include:

  • Progress in contract management
  • Methodology and participant demographics
  • Pain points that persist in modern CLM
  • How contract challenges impact everyone
  • Technology and the future of contract lifecycle management

w docu116 - State of Contract Management

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