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Stay Home & Improve Productivity

Stay Home & Improve Productivity


As you might have already noticed the novel virus is affecting everyone globally and one of the things it is affecting in large scale is business as usual. Many companies over the globe have been forced to make a fast transition from traditional to digital and reengineer their procedures in order to be able to adopt a remote working mentality as fast as possible. Staying at home is an obligation for every single one of us at this time in history but working from home is also essential for many of us.

We have previously talked about productivity in the workplace and how to create environments that boost our employees productivity but this time we have to sit back and think about boosting productivity at home. When people wake up and get to work they automatically set themselves into a specific mindset that obligates them to have a certain behaviour within their workplace, but what happens when they wake up and they don’t have to get to work but instead work from home? There is no automatic mindset then and things can easily get out of hand. The truth is that the new circumstances that we all have to face may affect our productivity and our mental health over the next few months until this crisis is over, but here are a few tips that can help us go through this and keep us safe and productive during this period.

Be Prepared

Most companies that have adopted this new work from home mentality start their day off by video conferencing with most of their employees early in the morning just so they get to say a “goodmorning” and get on the same page with everyone about what has to be done over the day. The first thing any of us should do before this video meeting is to be prepared. If you are on the managerial side of the company be prepared about what you want and what you expect from your team, while if you are on the other side be prepared about what you have done until now and what you already know that you have to do next.

Keeping track of progress and being ready every morning will give you an extra confidence boost while it will also keep you in a mindset that you are still on top of things and nothing is getting out of hand.

Learn When to Say NO

As we previously said when people stay at home they automatically set themselves into a different mindset than the one they do when they go to work. Working from home might have lots of benefits but there are also many hidden challenges that might be proven disastrous for your productivity. There is nothing better than staying home with your loved ones and spending time with them, but the truth is that you are now staying home for a reason, and a very good one but unfortunently you still have to work. So you have to learn when to say NO. Try to keep on your mind that although you are home, during you working hours it is like being at work. That means that you have to say no to any distractions  during that time such as watching a movie with your kids, or having long conversations with your wife. I know it doesn’t sound that nice but the truth is if you want to stay on board of this train you have to push yourself harder, especially now.

Set a Time Schedule

Another way to improve your productivity is by setting a daily time schedule. The best thing you can do is set 90 minute work “rounds”. This means that you work for 90 minutes straight and then take a 15-20 minute break. This will help you keep in mind that during those 90 minutes you have to be productive and your reward will be your break. Although you might not do this at work as we previously said working from home still has benefits, so why not take advantage of it?

pp3103 02 02 - Stay Home & Improve Productivity

Turn-Off Your Notifications

Social Media and Notifications are a serial killers when it comes to productivity. They can murder every tiny bit of self drive you have and lead you to procrastination indefinently so try to get a hold on them. Turn your personal notifications off while you are having those 90 minute work rounds and turn them back on during your breaks this will help you focus on the work you have to do instead of distracting you and this will help you boost your productivity.


Although working from home might seem relaxing and easier than going to work, you have to keep in mind that you are still working. This can easily lead to working long hours without even noticing that could eventually lead to a burnout and truth be told a burnout is the last thing you need when you are hustling to boost your productivity. Set your working hours and stick to them that way you can find time to relax and recharge, because in order to be productive you must first make sure you are not tired but you have energy that can produce results.

This crisis that we are all going through is something new for all of us and it is going to take us time to adjust, but we should keep in mind that we are in this together. Luckily enough the work from home mentality has been introduced to many companies over the past few years and we already have the guidelines on how to act in order to make it run successfully, so lets use the existing cases as examples and help each other go through these difficult times together.

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