20 - Stop sticking to the rules, learn from the process

Stop sticking to the rules, learn from the process

Most people, when it comes to executing a plan, they try to organize everything in advance, follow the rules and be ready for anything that may come up on their way. But, in this whole process, all their attention is focused on the final result and they don’t pay the appropriate amount of attention in the small steps and progresses they make every single day, till they reach their ultimate goal.

Then, there are others who try to follow the steps of those who have already made it, in order to create their own path to their goal. What you will usually hear from these people are rules, such as: “Do something you love”, “Follow a steady program”, “one step at a time” and, of course “never give up”. Although, these suggestions are just the rules that you already have in your head, but with the difference that they are told by successful entrepreneurs in more motivating words. But, if you pay attention behind the words, you will see that what entrepreneurs actually suggest, is: “Just do it and learn from the process”.

Let every moment teach you

When you first listen to that, it sounds simple. But if you think about it, with that rule, people have to make an effort with a high risk of failing and this is something that many people out there, don’t want to see it happening. Everyone wants to try and achieve what they have in mind. But, if you give yourself a chance to try and, this time, focus on the process and not the result, you will see, that the path you followed, will teach you much more than the destination and these are lessons you would never had taken otherwise. That experience will follow you for the rest of your life and it will possibly help you in any other future endeavors.

19 - Stop sticking to the rules, learn from the process

Learn from every moment: the hard part

All people know that every moment matters. They wake up every morning and they are prepared for any new challenge and opportunity they may come up. The problem here is that, although they know all these things, they are paying more attention to other moments that are more important to them and most of the times, these moments belong to the future. But this strategy won’t take you where you wanna get. You need to focus on the process, because this is the only way that you will find out how to reach to the destination.

Update your mindset

Changing your mindset and what you are used to do up until now, is really difficult. Nobody can guarantee you that you will succeed. So, you need to switch your interest for the results to caring more about the process, in order to take one step at a time and see where this is taking you and if it responds to your expectations or not. This help you get going, when you are feeling tired or overwhelmed. It’s what keeps you going, no matter what.

If you want to learn from every moment, try to forget all the rules and hypothetical scenarios you have made in your head and just trust your instincts and the process.