1 - Strategies for an enhanced team connection

Strategies for an enhanced team connection

Behind a successful company, there is always a powerful team. Your employees and the several teams that they compose inside your business are the beginning and the end behind every successful operation that takes place in your company. So, you need to staff your company with people that you believe in their abilities and strengths. They need to be talented individuals, ideally from different cultural backgrounds and of different ages, so as to offer a different perspective to the rest of the team.

Once you have chosen the right people for the job and they start working with you and the other team members, you need to find ways to endorse the team’s connection and create a strong bond between the members. People with different characters and personalities may find it difficult at first to communicate with each and in this stage, errors may occur. So, at that moment you need to step in with solutions and make the team operate in a cohesive way. Below you will find strategies that will help you improve your team’s connection.

Define team processes

All you need to start with is defining team processes. In a team, where each member knows exactly who does what and why it is more difficult for conflicts to arise. So, firstly you need to clarify your team goals, so everyone will know what the team is up to and how they are going to achieve that specific goal. Your next step is to define the roles and responsibilities for every task. This way everyone will know what tasks they need to concentrate on and you will avoid misunderstandings regarding work tasks. Last but not least, you have to create clear guidelines on how every department should operate, to save time for your team in the future.  

Speak the same language

A well-connected team needs to have an effective common code of communication. If you and your team want to achieve that, you need to follow the 7 Cs of communication. These Cs stand for clear, concise, confident, coherent, courteous, concrete, and correct. If you follow those rules, your team’s communication will be direct, brief and to the point, accurate, friendly and the message will be clear and will make sense to all its recipients. Also, for better communication, you need to implement active listening when others are providing information. For active listening to be successful, you have to show your interest to your interlocutor, be focused, and get the meaning of the conveyed message.

2 1 - Strategies for an enhanced team connection

Create a bonding team culture

Great team culture can help a lot with your team’s bonding. For that purpose, you can arrange team bonding activities and gatherings. Regarding team bonding activities, you can practice problem-solving games or communication exercises, so the team members will comprehend how they can better unite their powers and end up with the best possible result. Moreover, if your team has members of different cultures, get the team together and let each one talk about his/her cultural background, so the others can learn more about each other. Lastly, celebrate every small or big success of a team member, so everyone will feel that their work and efforts are being acknowledged.

The establishment of a connected and well-bonded team is difficult and takes time. But, once you practice the above-mentioned strategies and see your team being more and more productive and successful, it will be worth the effort.