2 - Strategies for Reopening your Business

Strategies for Reopening your Business


The current circumstances that have occurred all over the world as part of the latest health crisis have affected all of us. Everyday seems to hide a new surprise, and the truth is we don’t know what to expect anymore. Regions, suburbs and even entire countries all around the globe are going into lockdowns every single day. Our way of living has definitely changed and our habits our changing with it. Although everything might seem dark at the moment, it looks like there is light in the end of the tunnel. Many states, cities and areas are slowly getting out of this situation and are starting to reopen their operations. While the rest of them instead of just siting around waiting for a solution, have come to the realisation they must adapt.

Undoubtedly one of the sectors that has been hardly struck by this situation is the business sector. Companies, Shops and Markets have been severely affected and struggle to make ends meet or even shut down their operations. No matter what your individual business situation is you can probably see this everywhere around you. However, facing challenges and navigating through difficult times is what entrepreneurship is all about. If you are looking to keep your company running on the long term you probably have already made your peace with this.

This is why many businesses are looking for new innovative ways to reopen during this crisis. They are searching for smart solutions that can help them adapt to this situation and overcome any difficulties. Here at Paperpicks we have collected the best strategies for reopening your  business during these hard times, enjoy.

Get Your Vision Straight

The first strategy a company has to follow in order to overcome these difficult times has to do with vision. In order to achieve any goal you must first know your current position and all the in-between stages until the end position. Get your vision straight and see were you are now and were you want to find yourself in the future. Assessing your current situation as a company and the environment you operate in gives you clear and trustworthy data. This data can help you depict a realistic version of where you are now. Create your vision and set your future goals based on the data you already possess. A clear vision  means you understand the entire procedure. This gives you the confidence you need in order to achieve it. So start by sorting out the basics, and get your vision straight.

Be Creative & Be Flexible

No matter what your business model was until today you must be ready to accept that it might have to change. Creativity and Flexibility will be the key attributes any organisation must have in order to overcome this obstacle. Adopting this strategy can have a massive impact on your business with a very positive outcome. There are numerous examples of companies that became a little bit more creative during this crisis in order to survive. A great successful case study of this strategy belongs to the famous beer manufacturer BrewDog. This company saw its revenues dropping during this health crisis and decided it should do something about it. So instead of manufacturing beers, they started manufacturing hand sanitisers and their revenues started going up again. If a famous beer manufacturer can do it, then it is most possible your company can do it too

Invest in Open Communications

During these difficult times reopening a business might come with many issues. One of the biggest issues that might occur for businesses has to do with communications. From time to time communications might breakdown in a work environment and problems can show up due to that. Imagine if that happened before this crisis, how much it can happen today where almost everyone works remotely. Investing in open communications is a great strategy to adopt while reopening your business. Focus on enhancing communications between managers and teams by using multiple tools. Make your employees feel free when they need to talk about an issue and take away the fear element from their mind. Stay connected with all your team members and be transparent about the company’s next moves. Opening communications can help your company open in a totally different way you wouldn’t even imagine. Give it a shot, there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

1 1 - Strategies for Reopening your Business

Build Publicity

Finally the last strategy any company should follow for reopening their business has to do with marketing. If your company has not invested in marketing over the years it is about time you do. On the other hand if your company has invested in marketing over the years it is about time you enhance it. Now is the perfect time to build publicity. Create a community and start communicating with them. Showcase your work, showcase how you comply with the safety measures, showcase anything your audience might find interesting. Going public at the time can be a great game-changer for your business, so try taking advantage of it today.

Reopening your business is a great opportunity for the fresh start you were always dreaming about. These massive changes all over the world are here to stay. It would be reckless to believe that everything will go back to the way it used to be, and to be honest it shouldn’t. Take advantage of this situation and reform your business today.