Survey Highlights: Data Backup and Recovery Benchmark Report

Take a fresh look at your organization’s data management strategy.

Where does your data management plan stand in relationship to other systems in the industry? Is there room for improvement? Iron Mountain sets out to help you answer these questions with an in-depth review of practices used by 1,200 IT professionals. Discover the trials and triumphs of data management personnel and find out where your organization fits in on the information governance spectrum. Topics discussed include:

  • Time-sensitive backup planning
  • Onsite vs. offsite storage
  • A triaged list of the most important data management issues faced by IT professionals
  • Safe, effective, compliant data disposal
Explore the state of data management today and learn how to stay ahead of the information curve as your business and your data expand.

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w aaaa3466 - Survey Highlights: Data Backup and Recovery Benchmark Report

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