Team Briefing Checklist

A team briefing provides you with a perfect opportunity to communicate with your team and gauge their level of motivation and satisfaction. This checklist walks you through the process of preparing a team brief so that they are seen as effective and informative.

A team briefing provides you with the opportunity to engage with your team in a two-way communication process and is an essential ingredient in effective team building. A team briefing provides you with the ideal forum to tell your team members about what is happening within the organization and how it affects them. An effective team briefing raises morale within the team, builds a sense of common purpose and reinforces the credibility of the team leader.

Team Briefings are semi-formal events where the team gets together regularly to talk about team goals, successes and failures. This is an important part of building a team – the interpersonal interaction is crucial. Remember, a team briefing is not meant to replace normal day-today communications between you and your team, these should continue as normal.

Even though team briefings take up valuable time, when they are properly organized they enable you to accomplish several things that are difficult to achieve in any other way. Firstly, they create a culture of open communication and prevent rumors from gaining credibility. This is something that can easily happen if there is a lack of communication and information from senior management. Secondly, they can enhance awareness of the organizations current objectives and encourage involvement by helping to develop a shared sense of mission, vision and collective aims. Finally, they provide a means for questions and suggestions to be fed back upward to line management and senior management.

w frec229 - Team Briefing Checklist

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