Tech Providers 2025: Strategic Transformation Drives Growth

A Gartner Special Report for Technology Providers

Every business is becoming a technology business, and this phenomenon has profound implications on all facets of the technology provider industry. Most providers have ridden the wave of technology-driven growth in their markets, but the pressure to deliver results in the short term leads to missed opportunities in the long term. A broader and long-term perspective is not only necessary for technology providers to uncover markets and opportunities to grow, it is also vital to ensure that they are not blindsided by threats of shrinking markets, commoditization and disruptive competition. 

This special report is composed of research focused on the 2025 time frame:

  • External forces across key areas that will have a large impact on the industry.
  • Key changes across the characteristics for a technology provider, driven in large part by the external forces.
  • Emerging trends and technologies that impact the products and services.
  • Implications and actions for the leaders in various roles.

w gart126 - Tech Providers 2025: Strategic Transformation Drives Growth

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