1 - The Best Time for Rethinking & Restructuring is Now

The Best Time for Rethinking & Restructuring is Now


The best way to predict the future is to create it and the best time to start is now. You will never be 100% ready and you will never have all answers to all your questions. The final destination should be the target but we must learn to appreciate the trip. Be prepared and don’t begin something without having a plan, but learn to take action. Don’t fall into the trap of simply overthinking and not doing. The greatest entrepreneurs are not always the greatest minds in a company but they are definitely the most motivated and most energetic. They don’t have everything figured out but that doesn’t affect them because they understand that they will figure it out along the way.

There are many times in the life of business owners were they doubt their previous decisions and sit back and rethink. Entrepreneurs often make huge steps forward but when they find the time they also look back at their mistakes and their decisions. Then they evaluate what worked and what didn’t and understand what needs to be improved and what doesn’t. This is a standard procedure their mind goes through because they are constantly looking to better themselves. The reason why they evaluate their mistakes, is because they are not afraid of facing them. They learn from them, and try to gain more knowledge from them. So in a way we can say it is kind of natural for them to sit back and rewind.

The problem with sitting back and rethinking though is time and time is money in the business world. Most business owners believe they cannot afford to rethink and restructure their organisation because they do not have the time. This mentality is nowhere near reality and especially today where everything around us is rapidly changing. The best time for rethinking and restructuring is now as the best time for acting is now. Keep on reading and find out why.

Crisis Brings up Strong Leaders

The greatest reason why the best time for rethinking & restructuring is now has to do with nurturing strong leadership. During a period of crisis natural leaders rise up and show what they are made from. People who are either natural born leaders or are looking to become leaders understand the importance of this timing and try to deliver. They stand up in front of all difficulties and lead others during uncertain times. A crisis might be a curse for many companies but our perception is very important on how we evaluate things. A crisis can be easily converted into a blessing and in this case naturally nurturing leadership can be proven a great asset. An asset which every company would envy and an asset which companies should seek even during prosperous times.

2 - The Best Time for Rethinking & Restructuring is Now

Conservative Approaches

Another great reason why the best time for rethinking and restructuring is now has to do with getting rid of ineffective approaches. In the words of famous politician Winston Churchill “desperate times call for desperate measures”. In simple words this means that during a period of crisis there are many things a company should do in order to survive or thrive. The definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over and to expect different results. Therefore the best time to try and embrace new techniques is now. This is the time where a company can polish off old-school and conservative approaches that never worked and never will. Seeking change and using a crisis as a spark can light up a huge fire of growth by simply adopting a new mentality. So use this situation as good excuse and abolish all conservative and ineffective approaches from them. Start fresh, start new and if needed start over.

Attracting High Quality Talent

As we previously said many things are a matter of perception. Some see the glass half empty when others see it half full, and this is the way our world works. Another great reason why the best time to rethink and restructure is now has to do with your most important asset of all. Human Resources of course. Periods of crisis within a company act like a filter. Looking at the down side of things you have to let some people go, but the fact that you cannot afford mistakes makes you better. Companies become more careful with their evaluations and try to attract high quality talent in order to become more effective. Automatically this means that the people you let go are the people you didn’t need in your company in the first place. While the people you take on board create high value for your business that was previously needed. Focus on attracting high quality talent even if you are not going through a crisis and the results will be rewarding.

You will never be as ready as you are today so don’t be afraid to rethink and restructure now. Strong leadership, change of mentality and high quality talent are only a few of the incentives one should have in order to undergo such a procedure. Finally our advice to you is simple, stop overthinking and act now.