The Customer Experience Lifecycle

Today’s consumer wants a brand to deliver convenience, relevance, emotional assurance and added value, and will quickly turn to a competitor if their needs aren’t being met.

This whitepaper highlights strategies that brands must adopt to better engage their customers along the purchase path. The following pages outline:

  • 4 stages along the Customer Experience Lifecycle
  • 6 key takeaways to guide brands
  • Emerging retail trends supported by best-in-class examples of brand innovation
  • Customer insights collected from the Bing Future of Retail Consumer Survey 2018
  • Strategic implications to guide brands as they seek to deliver differentiated marketing and experience
There’s a new set of rules that brands can follow to better engage consumers today and lock in their long-term loyalty for tomorrow. Find out how you can create more value for your customers.

w msf316 - The Customer Experience Lifecycle

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