2 - The importance of corporate social responsibility

The importance of corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (aka CSR) is a way for your company to leave its imprint on the rest of the world. It has to do with how you, as an organization, are handling social issues. These issues and how you cope with them may have an impact on the environment, the economy, people in need etc. It is important to create a socially responsible image for your company, as today’s customers and employees pay a lot of attention to these matters and if you implement it successfully, that may lead to several benefits for you in many different ways. 

Citizens and stakeholders, not only pay attention to those issues, they even prioritize them. Recent researches have shown that more than 50% of Americans hope that, since there is no official regulation for the government, regarding environmental pollution prevention, businesses will try and prevent that situation on their own. Also, many customers have expressed their will to buy again from a company that supports social issues that align with their beliefs. In that context, corporate social responsibility is of high importance, and below you will find ways to practice and implement it in your company.

Put the environment on the top of your list

The environment is in a really bad situation right now and a lot of people are concerned about this fact. Preventing any harm that your company, no matter its size, can cause to it is critical. Even if you own a small company, the carbon footprints you produce are large. So, try and find ways to reduce them. That would benefit both your company and the environment. For example, sustainable development could be integrated into this process and less plastic used in the packaging can even decrease your production costs. 

Show your interest in people in need

Another aspect of corporate social responsibility is providing your help to those who need it. Try to contact non-profit organizations, charities, or local community programs and learn about their needs and how you can help with covering them. You can help them financially or by spending time with them or even with your products. Once more, no matter the size of your company, your help can be proven valuable and will make an impact on someone’s life.

The importance of volunteering

Volunteering is a big trend nowadays and more and more people devote their free time to social causes. You and your team can also follow this example. You can take part in local events that need volunteers. This move will show your company’s socially responsible character and its human face. Doing good deeds and knowing that there will be no exchange for that, is the ultimate form of altruism. 

3 - The importance of corporate social responsibility

Treat your employees with respect

Corporate social responsibility starts, first of all, within the company. If you don’t treat your employees fairly and with respect, you cannot say that you are a socially responsible organization. Especially, if you are a large corporation with a presence in many different countries, that have different labor laws, you can implement an ethical labor practice across the entire business that will apply in all the countries you are operating in. 

Corporate social responsibility is critical for a company’s profits nowadays, but also it is very important if you want to differentiate from others and get a competitive advantage with your ethics and tactics.