6 - The Importance of Creativity Through Difficult Times

The Importance of Creativity Through Difficult Times

The Importance of Creativity Through Difficult Times


You have probably noticed by now that the world we are living in is changing faster than ever. Our way of life, our way of doing things, our habits and even our way of working are reshaping. These rapid changes our society faces over the last few months are just the prelude of a new era. The new era that is approaching will create uncertainty and will have a massive impact on our reality. Just keep in mind though that entrepreneurship is built on uncertainty and in difficult times there are always great opportunities.

One of the most amazing abilities the human kind has in its genes is the ability to adapt. The key to adapting is and always will be our creativity. Creativity is the ability to look at a situation or a problem from many different angles and find different solutions to it. Entrepreneurs are often known to be creative, and that is one of their most important traits. The difference between successful people and the rest of the world is once again creativity. So instead of stressing out more the importance of creativity through difficult times lets analyse it further. Why is Creativity so Important and how can it help us navigate through difficult times? Let’s see!

The Power of Observation

The first thing you have to do in order to put it all to work is observe. The power of observation is very important when you are trying to either find a solution or develop an idea. Try to observe deeper and further both the environment you operate in and the people that are part of it. You might believe that you have the perfect idea but you only rely on an assumption if you don’t observe first. There are numerous examples of companies that tried to launch a product without first analysing the market and failed. While there are also numerous examples of companies who did and succeeded. So remember to always observe first because details matter.

Trust that Hunch, but Start Small

You know that little fire burning inside you leading you towards a specific direction? Or that little voice telling you that this is the right thing to do? Yes, you are not the only one to have it. This is called a hunch, and it boosts your creativity. Learn how to trust these hunches and follow them with your heart, but be careful. In order to minimize risks test your hunch on a small scale first. There is a famous saying in business that says “think big, but start small” and that is exactly what you have to do. Take your idea and market it in small scale, if it works keep expanding if it doesn’t your loss is insignificant.

5 - The Importance of Creativity Through Difficult Times

Think Different

Another example of creativity is quoted in the campaign moto of one of the most creative brands in the world. Of course we are referring to Apple and their “think different” campaign. As we previously said creativity is the ability to look at problem from many angles and try to find solutions. Thinking differently can be a game-changer when you are facing difficulties. Setting your mind in a different way of thinking can lead to great results you never expected. After all you cant do the same things again and again and expect different results. So try to think different and try to approach things differently and you will soon notice a massive difference.

Your Vibe is Your Tribe

When going through difficult times it is very important to have people close to you that can actually support you. Although there are many people that fill you with negativity there are also people that will help you grow. Make sure you pick the right people to stand next to you, and especially when things are not going well. The results that can be produced when some people come together and combine their ideas are impressive. A great way to treat difficulties with creativity is talking them through with other creative people and assessing them further. The views of one person can be totally different to the views of another. This means that it could provide you solutions and ways you never thought of. So remember that when you have the right team you have nothing to fear, because there is always a solution.

Break the Norm

Creativity runs through your mind to your body and from there to the air forming the energy around you. Do not try to restrain it but instead embrace it. Do not be afraid to break the norm that is set by others but instead pursue to do so. After all if you cannot find a solution to a problem it is probably because no one solved it already. So what stops you from trying to solve it in a way no one has?

The reason why you are here today reading this article through a screen, on a website on the internet is creativity. Some people were crazy enough to follow their dreams, put their ideas into work and change the world. And all this was done thanks to their creativity.

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